How Twitter’s New Content Rules Will Impact Your Social Media Marketing

person-woman-iphone-313690.jpegSocial Media Marketing is a “necessary evil” in todays world.

Silence on social media is deadly.

But who has time for all the work required?

It takes hours each month to ensure your key channels remain relevant and writing content isn’t something that comes naturally to most. It’s an artful balance between information, education and salesmanship.

A while back some of the tools that made our lives easier began including smart re-use abilities. This was a great time saver.

Sadly, things have changed again.

As of March 2018 (in response to massive spamming by certain overseas agencies etc.) Twitter changed the rules and we can no longer re-use content.

Now tweets must be unique each time.

This means we can no longer use any automation platform that recycles content for Twitter marketing.

You’re back to creating content manually.

Unless you outsource it [hint hint.]

It’s been a while since I mentioned this, but I offer a convenience service where my team and I will pre-write a month’s worth of social media updates for you and we’ll publish/schedule them on your social media (using Hootsuite) so you can go about your day running your business … not freaking out about what to say on Twitter … LinkedIn … or Facebook.

If you’d like a little help keeping the crickets away from your social media channels … get in touch. Packages start at $499 a month and there’s no long term contract so you can pay as you go and stop at any time.

You might not be able to automate using software any more … but you can still automate using a human!

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