How to set and forget your “boring” social media updates

person-woman-apple-225232.jpegAdmit it …

You hate social media!

Well maybe not social media itself, rather the constant nagging of having to update your profiles – multiple – times – every – single – day.

And what do you say if you do scrounge a few minutes to tap out a tweet or fudge a facebook update?

Seriously, posting an unplanned update at an unscheduled time about who knows what … yup, I reckon social media is working like a charm for you.

That was SARCASM if you missed it *wink*

Look, all is not lost. I’m about to tell you how to literally SET AND FORGET the bulk of your boring social media updates so you can focus on the fun ones when the muse strikes.

You know the ones, the updates that remind you how much you do actually like social media … when it’s not a monkey on your back. Oh, and you’ll save a ton of time too.

So here is how you do this …. pay close attention.

How To Set & Forget Your Boring Social Media Updates

First, understand that social media is part of your marketing process. I know,, “duh!” right? That means you need to create a mix of updates reflecting the prospect’s “marketing moments” – better known as the buyer’s journey.

In short, approx. 80% of searches and such are informational. 15% are navigational and 5% are transactional. I’ve rounded the numbers a bit for easy recall, but that’s the gist of it.

80 / 15 / 5 – ok

Hold that thought. Now you need to do a little analysis. Figure out the most popular blog posts on your website. Make a list. You’ll need it later.

Speak with your top sales person, if that’s you try not to look like a crazy person when you’re asking yourself this question: What are the 10 most frequently asked things prospects ask me about my service/product?

Got it? Good. Add them to the list. Now what are the 10 things they nearly always forget to ask you? List them too.

What we’re doing here is compiling all the common “evergreen” content you use on a frequent basis when dealing with new prospects. This content answers the 80% informational searches.

Now move on to your website and online profiles. Log them. Record your usernames, list the links.

Do you have a lead magnet or giveaway where you collect emails?

No, you should. [Click here to check out my ‘Done For You’ Sales Funnel service.]

All these profiles, pages and website links are for the navigational social media updates.

Lastly, list out your sales pages. Your offers and your pitch pages.

This will form the bulk of your transactional updates.

Now … and here comes the fun part.

Turn all that analysis and research into 100 to 150 social media updates. They need to be less than 280 characters in length (excluding URL’s) so they work on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Ensure when you’re writing these updates that you consider SEO phrases so your content is “search engine friendly” etc. Apply good copywriting rules to ensure maximum message impact.

Ok, so now you’ve written a few hundred updates.

Next you’ll load those updates into a 3rd party service tool called: (Not AFF link)

MeetEdgar is awesome. It allows you to upload your updates, connect your social media channels and with the push of a button … it posts your social media updates to your channels … FOREVER.


It RECYCLES your content.

Of course you need to determine a PUBLISHING CALENDAR and set that up in MeetEdgar too.

And you need to upload your updates into CATEGORIES.

You assign a category slot to time slot and MeetEdgar will use the next update and post it when ready. When it’s used up all the content it starts again at the beginning.

THAT’S WHY YOU WRITE 100-150 UPDATES … because that’s about 3 months worth of content.

Now you’ve set up the system and loaded it with EVERGREEN UPDATES (the boring social media) you can carry on about your day working until something funny pops into your head and you decide to share it online.

It won’t impact what MeetEdgar is doing for you and as I’m sure you’re figuring out by now … it removes all the performance pressure surrounding what to say daily online.

Cool huh?

MeetEdgar works like a charm and for just $49/mo it’s a cheap way to automate your social media marketing.

Look, it does take some work to get it set up, but it’s a ONE AND DONE DEAL. Do the work once and you really can set and forget the boring social media.

Pretty awesome I think. And according to MeetEdgar you will recover at least 8 hours in “wasted” time. I believe it’s more – but that’s a fair minimum either way.

So there you have it. Do the analysis. Write 100-150 updates. Setup MeetEdgar and load the content. Set the calendar. Connect your social media and press go …. You’re golden!

Oh … and if you’d like to “get ‘er done” quicker, I’m offering a special service that will do everything I outlined above (and more) so basically you can get the whole thing set up without even having to … um, set it up!

My fee for this service is $749 to start, $749 on delivery (which typically takes 3-4 weeks from start.) That’s a one-time project fee. Remember, you pay $49 to MeetEdgar each month for their service – but nothing more to me.

When complete you’ll have 3 months of targeted and search engine friendly, professionally copywritten social media updates that recycle so you’ll never have quiet social media channels and you’ll never be pressured into posting.

Oh, and you’ll save at least 8 hours each month minimum – so that’s likely worth more than my fee, it’s win-win for you.

If you’re interested in never having to do boring social media again … let me know.

Questions welcome.



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