How To Make More Money From Your Existing Clients (With Almost No Work!)

OK, I’ll cut right to the chase – making money from NEW customers is between 5 and 8 times more “expensive” than making money from EXISTING customers.

So how can you do it easily if you’re already busy or you don’t have time to add/produce new products or services?Use affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, it’s where you share OTHER PEOPLE’S products and services with YOUR CUSTOMERS and when they buy YOU GET A PERCENTAGE OF THE SALE!

It’s low risk, easy to do and a very cool way to trade on your existing relationship all the while adding more money to your bottom line with very little extra work.

And it gets better …

You can also offer affiliate products and services to people WHO NEVER BOUGHT YOUR STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

This means you can profit from your “dead leads” …

Imagine this scenario. You get 100 leads. You probably make 2-3 sales. That’s 97 people who aren’t interested in your products or services — at this time.

But … if you pivoted at the end and offered them something else from an affiliate program, you are very likely to get another 2-3 clients buying that offer.

Rinse and repeat. Pretty easy money eh?

That’s the power of affiliate marketing.


If you have a landing page that captures emails, you can make use of a piece of internet real estate that most people forget … the THANK YOU page.

Once someone joins your list you can set your email autoresponder to direct people to your thank you (TY) page and on that page you can PUT YOUR AFFILIATE OFFER …

Or better yet, set your thank you page TO BE THE AFFILIATE OFFER!!!

Easy huh?

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