How To Group Post to a Single Twitter Profile

FollowmeIt may be an odd request, but a while back I was asked if I knew a way to let a group of people post to one twitter account. The quick answer was yes, give them all the login details! But that’s not elegant or secure. 

There are tools out there (like Hootsuite) that let you create groups and assign roles and other cool things … but Hootsuite (rightly so) charges for such service. When I last checked I believe it was about $15 per person per month in the team. 10 people … $150.

There had to be another way … and here’s one I devised.

To help you keep this in context you might like to know I was a programmer ‘back in the day’ and worked on some very cool projects solving some very interesting problems.

That said, it means I have the ability to hack things together … sorta like McGyver … just not as cool. This is the integration “hack” I designed and it works well. In fact I shared it on Quora a while back with someone else who asked this very same question.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my solution:

OK, maybe this is going to sound a little “out there”, but you can use to let multiple people tweet to one Twitter profile.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a simple Wufoo form. Add one field: Call it tweet.
  2. Save the form, give the form a meaningful name. You’ll need it later when you share the URL with your team.
  3. PROTECT the form – give it a password. You’ll give this to the people on your team whom you want to have access to post to your twitter profile.
  4. Edit the form NOTIFICATIONS. Connect TWITTER as an update channel. Enter your profile name and password.
  5. Edit the text that WuFoo uses as the notification. Change it to {entry:Field1} … this assumes you only have one “Field”. Read the help for more information on accessing entry fields and the API if you wish.
  6. Save your work. … Voila!
  7. Share the Wufoo form with people you want to Tweet into the one profile. Remember to give them the password :-)

Have fun.

PS. I know this is a hack … but it does work, I used it with my own teams.

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