How to Change Your Life in 30 Days

notebook-writing-calendar-636246.jpegFollow these steps and watch as your habits change in the next 30 days.

Watch as you get more done.

Watch as you move forward.

And watch as you become a person of action.

You’ll become someone who has focus.

You’ll become someone who starts and finishes.

Because you only get paid for done.

Follow these steps and in 30 days then look back to see how much you have accomplished. How far you’ve more forward and how much you have changed.

Remember This or FAIL Miserably

* You only get paid for getting the work done

* You will have distractions. You will have other ideas – ignore them and stay focused on this one goal

* Ingrain these two facts into your brain

* Stick to this plan – remember the three points above – and you will do more in the next 30 days than most do in a year.

And you’ll feel pretty good about yourself for getting the work done and seeing the results!

Complete the Following Questions:

Step #1:

What is your 90 day goal? (Only one goal)

Step #2:

Set the date of your 30 day checkpoint
What will you have achieved by day 30?

Step #3:

Set the date of your 60 day checkpoint
What will you have achieved by day 60?

Step #4:

How long can you work for each day?
What days will you work?
What time (be exact) will you work each day?

Step #5:

Put the 30, 60 and 90 day dates in your diary
Block out your diary at the times to do the work
Do the work (do not let yourself down)

Step #6:

Do the work every day without fail
Review your work at 30 and 60 days
X out every day you do the work

Without Fail This Exercise Will Help You Get the Work Done

Every day you do the work – you X the chart.

If you take a day off (weekends for example) you DON’T put a cross (X) in the chart.

Your goal is to fill the chart with X’s.

Start date:

  • 30 day checkpoint date:
  • 60 day checkpoint date:
  • 90 day finish date:

This is how you get stuff done. You turn up and you do the work – consistently – every day. It works because it’s simple.

What now? You take a couple of days off, reward yourself and move onto the next goal.

Rinse and Repeat.

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