How Often Should You Follow Up?

Sale or bail“You’re the most tenacious person I’ve ever met!” said the marketing director of Goodyear Canada during one of our meetings. He was referring to the fact I’d spent more than a year following up with them almost every week…

So how often should you follow up with a prospective client? Once, five-times, seven times? The answer is easy … until they tell you to “Stop!” :)

Of course, HOW you follow up is key, and I’ll leave that for another time. But for today I’d like to share my “Sale or Bail Process” and I’ve attached this valuable one page schematic to this post.

Simply click to download it and remember … follow up with value … follow up with value … follow up with value … follow up with value … RINSE AND REPEAT.

===> Sale or Bail Offer Process.pdf

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James Burchill

James is a fan of practical "what" and "how to" information and enjoys showing you how to 'convert conversations into cash' using social media, online marketing and live events.

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