How I got 12,469 people to do “my bidding”

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Today I want to tell you how I got 12,469 people to do as I asked. It wasn’t that hard and it didn’t require magic, or misdirection. 

It required something simple, something we all do … In fact, when people ask me the secret to my Social Fusion Networking model I smile because a large part of my success is due to this “secret.”

And today – because you’re reading my blog – I’m going to do two things:

  1. I’m going to tell you what this ‘secret’ is and …
  2. I’m going to give you some free training to help you begin to put this secret to work for you.

Seriously, knowing what I know (and I’ve been a student of this for many years) I’d have to say it’s easily been responsible for an extra 6 figures in sales in the last few years.

Come to think if it I can track one large 5 figure sale to my direct use of this technique…

There’s no special skill required to learn what I’m about to teach you. You had all the required tools the day you were born. You will need one thing though … you must be prepared to set aside some preconceived notions about how “complex” we all are and trust me when I say that while on some level this is true … at the core we are all quite straight forward (I was loathe to say simple *wink*)

So what is this secretive technology of which I speak?

Drum roll please …..

NLP … Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is the science of subjective experience … or put a better way (by me) it is the codification and systemization of behavioural patterns (of excellence) in a format that allows others to duplicate (model) them.

If you know someone who excels at something you’d like to know, learn or do – you can achieve it with NLP. Using the system you can map out their behaviours, their internal state, their actions, all the subtleties and then you can make them your own. If you can MODEL (which basically means copy) the recipe you can expect to achieve the same results. It’s that simple.

Sounds a little hokey until you try it. Some very famous people made this science popular many years back . You may have heard of Tony Robbins. Tall, toothy, wealthy as all heck!

He made his mark using just a few (I said a few) elements of NLP back in the day and made a fortune. Today some say he’s taken NLP in a different direction and many purists say he’s sold out … but hey, I figure they’re just a little jealous because he figured out how to make a truck load of cash with it.

I’ve used some of the techniques very successfully myself and one of my favourite techniques – which I’m about to teach you – makes use of part of the modelling framework.

I call it VAKIETA: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Internal, External, Toward & Away

Using this simple model I have been able to better understand a person’s mode of communication and through it develop messages that resonate deeply with them in such a fashion they feel drawn or compelled to respond favourably to my requests. Cool huh?

How would you like the ability to meet someone new and quickly figure out how to communicate more effectively with them?

We do business with those we know, like and trust. If you can communicate (get in sync) with a person they will feel they know you and will come to like you (because you seem like them) and finally they will grow to trust you for it.

Some might think this is manipulative – it’s not. It’s simply a question of respecting each person’s mode of communication. We all perceive the world uniquely and with practice and attention you can learn to “speak their language.”

*TIP* These techniques work wonders in personal relationships and home life too. You’ll connect and communicate with your kids, spouse and family on a whole new level. I know I did. In fact that’s partly why I learned NLP. It works.

Don’t believe me? How effective would you be if you spoke English to a French person … who only understood French? Are you being manipulative if you choose to speak their language so you can communicate? Of course not! It’s a silly argument when put into that context.

Speaking of context, you’ll really appreciate VAKIETA when you watch the video I made for you. It’s just a few short minutes and I’ve even included the slide deck to help you later on as well.

There’s no opt-in required to access it and learning VAKIETA will completely alter your communication style with people. You’ll see it for yourself when you begin applying it. It’s freakishly cool!

Here’s the link to the VIDEO, the deck download link is included in lower half of the video description.

Now … NLP has taken me a while to learn. Sure, you can quickly learn some tricks and techniques like I’m showing you today, but to really rock it – to really change your future – you need to dive deeply into the subject.

However, training in this subject can be quite expensive … I paid thousands to learn what I’ve learned so far. Remember though, it was worth it and I’d gladly pay it again knowing what I know now.

But what if you’re not sure? What if you want to test the waters, try before you buy, sample the goods … well now you can. My friends at Totally Awesome Events are producing an event whereby you can get up to 4 days of training in February and they’re waiving their training fees.

Now, I should be clear … they’ve paid for most of your investment to attend and they’re bringing in a world renowned expert to teach you. But they are asking a small fee to help defray their costs of producing your training manuals and frankly it’s designed to weed out the tire kickers who habitually take free stuff and then do nothing.

*** I know that’s not you, but I want to be clear in case you share this email with a friend (which by the way you can.)

Attending your 4-day NLP training works out at $24.25 a day or $97. It runs Thursday Feb 7, Friday Feb 8, Saturday Feb 9 and Sunday Feb 10. Each day is a full 12 hours of intensive training. That’s 40+ hours of training for free with a small fee of $97 to help offset your materials production.

Here’s the link for more information and to reserve your space.

Remember, this training is worth thousands and my friends at Totally Awesome Events usually “sell out quickly” when producing special events like this. I encourage you (if you seriously want to learn more about NLP and how to make this simple science work for you) to click the link and grab yourself a space.

Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Try NLP … you can thank me later :)

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