Here’s the one thing responsible for 80% of my clients!

idea-creativity-bubble-355952.jpegEvery year I ‘crunch the numbers’ to see where the money came from. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years.

Want to know what single activity results in 80% of my new business?

Sure you do ….So where did clients come from?

It was pretty shocking to me the first time I figured this out. See what you think.

*  60% came from attending my events (training/speaking)

Almost two-thirds of my new business came from EVENTS ….

*  20% were referred. Often becoming “D” grade clients 🙁

On in five clients were referred … Not my favourite way to get business because it turns out that most of these “referrals” became “D GRADE” clients and cost me money.

Basically … Referrals SUCK!

OK, not really, but most people are crappy at referring clients for a host of reasons. Unless you do something so damn simple a 4 year old could describe it … I’d skip hanging your hopes on referrals!

*  20% came from reading my materials: email, blog, freebies etc

Stuff I wrote. This was encouraging for me.

To summarize:

80% of NEW BUSINESS came people who consumed my content or ‘experienced’ my content. Put another way, that’s people who attended my seminars or read my articles/blog/emails.

Where did I make money?

In Summary:

– 50% Services

– 30% Consulting

– 20% Events


*  40% Social Media “DFY” Service

This was me providing SMBs with social media management services. This is a real money maker [hint hint.]

*  30% Consulting & Direct “Helping”

This old but trust-worthy activity made one-third my annual income.

Personally I despise trading time for money … BUT it’s a sure-fire winner when you need cash in flash!

*  15% Group Training Seminars

One of my favourite activities: training.

*  10% Other writing (articles, emails etc)

Things I can do “in my sleep” … Practically. I’ve been writing almost as long as I’ve been talking – and that’s a LONG time 😉

*   5% Public Speaking 

1/20th of my annual income comes from public speaking. Not bad considering I really DON’T focus on this. Come to think of it – I should.


There you have it.

The bulk of my clients come from ONE THING, and I typically make the bulk of my revenue from service packages … NOT TIME TRADING (although it’s good for a cash infusion when you’re tight on funds!)

I hope you found this information useful.

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