Here’s My Map For Getting Traffic Through Content Marketing

Bliss map

To succeed online (and get traffic) you can either EARN IT or BUY IT. Without traffic you’re nothing (harsh but true.

Here’s how I earn traffic using publishing, broadcasting and collaboration.

I wrote this just now while sipping my first cup of tea. Just think what I might have drawn if I’d waited until my second ;-)

And yes … you can download the PDF for FREE. No opt-in required.

I call it my “Bli$$ Map” because this is how I follow it. 

Hey … it was early.

Bliss Map.PDF

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*UPDATE* Doh! I forgot to add G+ to my list of social sites so I manually added it to the PDF. Told you it was early!

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James Burchill

James is a fan of practical "what" and "how to" information and enjoys showing you how to 'convert conversations into cash' using social media, online marketing and live events.

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