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Your neighbour…

We’re all running out of time.

The difference between you and the other “guy” is you’re an entrepreneur.

You value your time.

You know time is more valuable than money.

You know you can make more money but your time – when it’s gone – it’s gone!

But listen – it’s not just about productivity – it’s about focus, it’s about finishing what you start and it’s about achieving true financial freedom.

Which is what I’m helping you with today with a great deal – a solution that’s worth much-more than the money I’m charging for it – a training guide invaluable when it comes to getting things done, finishing what you’ve started and relaxing at the end of the day.

This stuff changes lives.

What Would You Pay to Add an Extra Hourhave Intense Focus… Avoid Distraction… Stop Procrastinating & Finish the Projects You Start?

You can’t put a price on that.

Especially if you’re starting out online because if you are – you probably have a full-time job and a boss breathing down your neck.

You might be married, have kids or other responsibilities.

And there probably aren’t enough hours in the day.

To change your life – sack your boss, achieve financial freedom – something has to change.

And if you can’t quit your job then it all comes down to being more productive, having more focus, doing more and procrastinating less.

Which is what this training guide does.

It can help you change your life.

Which is a probably the biggest gift you can give someone.


Here’s What You Get Inside my Productivity Training Guide

This 15,068 word document is packed with quality guidance.

Inside you will learn:

  • The 8 commandments of productivity – my personal productivity system that’s created all my products while working, while studying, while doing my best to raise a family… I don’t care how busy you are, this works!
  • An ingenious way to test a great new idea, without doing the work, without risking failure and without losing any money (… in fact I’m going to share how you can even get paid for testing your ideas)!
  • How to move forwards faster… make serious gain… and the one thing you must do if you want to get paid (… this is one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn)
  • How to know what you want… how to set a goal and make it come true
  • Why your list of goals might actually be holding you back – this advice from one of the world’s richest men reveals the right way to set your goals and how to make them come true
  • The action plan to achieve all goals and make your dreams come true (… do you want to quit your job, earn more money, build a bigger business or just have more fun) – following this action plan and I’ll eat my hat if your life doesn’t start to change in the next 30 days!
  • Do you want to work less? I do! This dirty little word is the real secret to ‘working less while getting more done’ and better still, it’s so simple it works even when you’re half-asleep, lacking in motivation and struggling to focus.
  • The “Art of Finishing” what you’ve started! Say goodbye to half-finished projects hanging over you and making you feel guilty. You’ll work faster, see things through and even better – see them finished –where you get to profit from your efforts – the fun bit!
  • How to make you the ‘number 1’ in your life! Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money. It’s time to put you, your family and your future first. They’d rather make their boss rich and they’d rather put their job first. That ends today!

And that’s just to get started, they’ll… Discover why everyone is doing to-do lists wrong… Learn a simple secret to making to-do lists work… Learn how and where to focus for maximum results (and profits)… Uncover the real reason people end their weeks, months and years in exactly the same place they began – spinning their wheels, going no-where — and how not to fall into the same trap.


There’s plenty more:

  • How to identify the things holding you back, then tear them down from your life and push forward
  • Discover a method – so brutally painful it might leave you in tears – that will fire you up and propel your business forward.
  • How to cure overwhelm and procrastination
  • The one habit to rule them all – get it right and you’re day can only get better, get this wrong and your day’s wasted
  • How to get more done, in less time. It might sound cheesy but it’s 100% true!
  • Lacking in self-belief? How to overcome and conquer the daily battle with yourself and self-sabotage
  • How to become a marketing badass — an expert and authority in your nice – this might well have been Einstein’s’ secret weapons on how he became one of the greatest scientists of all times.
  • The most important discipline you can master if you truly value your time and your financial freedom. This is a core belief for your success
  • Are you a wimpy marketer? This disease is all too-common. How to identify it and the cure if you’re worried you might already have it
  • How to earn your black belt in business. How to walk the walk and go from wantra-preneur to real life, entrepreneur!
  • Why learning is a plague and the exact ratio of learning to doing you need to stick to if you want rapid success online
  • What to do if life gets in the way and you find internet marketing tough. Don’t quit, don’t give up – read this section and you’ll be back on track with your dreams just a short wait away!
  • Discover the best time of day to get your work done, quicker and easier?
  • How to get creativity to turn-up on a daily basis so you can push forward, be different and find your unique angle in the marketplace
  • How to remove the biggest time-sucks from your life and finally escape their clutches so you can get more done in less time
  • How to make faster decisions (often in less than 60 seconds) so you more faster, procrastinate less and take back control of your days
  • How to work at warp speed – and ironically you can make mucho-more just from working faster – it’s simple, it’s effective and it’s proven
  • Why being busy is a non-sense and what you should be striving to do if you life to relax and have fun!
  • The single biggest questions you need to be able to ask and answer yourself if you’re definitely going to make-it
  • The unsexy lesson in getting things done – this is the reason so many people are stressed, busy and worse off. Give you me laid back, relaxed and finished any time of day instead!
  • Success secrets of the Special Services – if this is good enough for creating super-soldiers it’s good enough for me – and it might be the difference between life and death for your business (… I really do mean that)
  • Got a great idea? Why only an idiot would act upon it, I’ll tell you exactly why great ideas are holding you back and how to deal with them profitably
  • How to go from wantra-preneur, a person who dreams of having a business to entrepreneur – a person who has a business. These are my three life changing habits, all detailed inside!


Whenever I visit online Forums – no matter what year – I always, always come across the same kind of problems and threads. Newbies – struggling to know what to do, where to focus and how to see things through to the end.

Now you can’t bring a horse to water but you can do your best to help them out of that never-ending hole of desperation and despair – because that is what the rat-race really is.

Sure I’m biased but…

Productivity = Happiness

I don’t care who you are… how rich you are… or what you’re doing right now…

If you’re not productive then you’re not as happy as you should and could be.

  • If you work a full-time job and aspire to have your own internet business then a lack of time is a holding you back…
  • If you have a business and can’t get all the work done to make the money you need, then time is holding you back…
  • If you can’t focus and finish what you’ve started… then you definitely need this training because it’s a cure for overwhelm, procrastination and a lack of focus…

Remember …

If you don’t do the work, you won’t get paid!


Download Your Copy Today

Hand on heart, this is a great training guide and is my exact system gleamed from years of trial and error and now you have it all, handed to you nicely in a little package so you can get more done in a lot less time. Do yourself – your friends and family a favour – and get your copy now.

~ James

P.S. If you’re still reading, you need help learning how to make faster decisions! I cover that too in the training guide *wink*


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