FREE WORKSHEET: How To Evaluate The Money Making Potential of Your Infoproduct

Many people fail to make any money online simply because they make this one critical error …

They forget to evaluate the money making potential of their infoproduct … before they build it.

But figuring out whether you have a winning or a losing idea on your hands isn’t something that comes easily. But it can. If you know the questions to ask and the data to consider.

DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to share with you is not a guarantee, it’s pretty damned close though. If you run these numbers properly you can confidently tell whether you will make any money with your next infoproduct idea.

I’ve researched extensively on this topic, bought books, courses and consulting and after I’d learned this formula I found myself using it every time I had an idea for another infoproduct.

When I ignored the data, when I “fell in love” with the product and was “convinced” the market would want it … I invariably lost money and time.

When I followed the math – the results – NO MATTER WHAT MY HEART SAID … I made money.

It’s that simple. And here is the formula – in plain English. Don’t worry, I created the Excel worksheet and encoded the formula so you don’t have to remember anything. JUST USE THE WORKSHEET.

The Basic Formula

Search Demand X Commercial Intent X Opt-In Rate X Sales Conversion Rate X Unit Price = $$$$

Download the worksheet, it’s a lot easier to see in action.

How Much Money Could Your Next Infoproduct Idea Make You?

Find out easily - Use the FORMULA.

DOWNLOAD the Infoproduct Evaluation Worksheet

Unlocked XLS file lets you adjust cell values.

See how much money you could make!

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