Facebook Fires Salvo Across Google’s Bow: Facebook for Business

Facebook appears to be concerned about Google’s entry into social networking. For the second time since Google+ launched, FB has announced something eerily similar to the Google counterpart’s features. In this latest case, however, it’s more like a counterpart to Google confusion.

When Facebook debuted their new Skype integration, it could have been written off as a simple coincidence that the video chat service came shortly after Google+ launched with the Hangouts feature, which allows users to get together on-screen to chat.

Now, however, the social giant has launched Facebook for Business, an obvious shot at Google’s recent shutdown of non-personal accounts on its burgeoning social network, which has created some controversy amongst Google+ users.

Facebook’s ‘For Business’ launch is just a web page, not a new feature set. The dig at Google is all in the title, obviously. The page itself is a roundup of small business-centred information for setting up pages, building networks, and buying advertising on the social networking site.

According to a company spokesperson online, ‘Facebook allows small businesses to create rich social experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing — word of mouth. We created Facebook.com/business to make it even easier for people to reach these objectives and grow.’

That reads as marketing speak for ‘unlike Google, we like businesses.’

Google, of course, has previously announced that they will be launching a Google+ for Business setup in the near future, but so far they still consider Google+ to be in a sort of public beta mode and aren’t ready for business and branding profiles on the site.

This stirred a lot of controversy when some brands that had immediately moved to secure their spot on Google+ founds their accounts deleted while their competition remained on the site (for a while, anyway). Even Captain Kirk wasn’t immune as the personal account of William Shatner got closed down (now reinstated after Google realized the mistake).

Whatever the reason, even if it’s just marketing and corporate head-butting, Facebook’s new business page is actually a useful tool. For those new to utilizing Facebook for building their business as well as those who are already in the game, the page acts as a one-stop do-it-yourself guide for the basics of Facebook marketing.

It shows how to put together Pages, Ads (including Sponsored Stories) and tools for integrating Facebook into your existing website platform.

Whatever the reasons behind Facebook’s launch of Facebook for Business, it’s improved the network and thus increased value. If Google’s entrance into the social networking game creates the kind of competition that causes giants like Facebook to keep on their toes, then it’s a good thing.

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