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In January 2012 I developed and launched the Social Fusion Network because I saw a problem with the way local businesses and entrepreneurs networked and I wanted to fix it.

Since then I’ve watched many groups come and go and through it all I noticed a series of repeating problems in ALL networking groups.Here are my observations about what’s wrong with b2b networking:

(1) It takes too much time because the model is inefficient

(2) Most people never follow up – EVER

(3) You can’t easily determine if a new lead is a winner or a loser

(4) Many people are a bit more introverted and “networking” feels awkward for them

(5) Pitching people is a real turn-off for most people and they don’t like selling

(6) People often “try too hard” to be liked – feels inauthentic and cheesy

(7) Most people struggle with small talk and don’t know how to carry a conversation with a stranger

(8) Even with new contacts, getting referral business is unlikely for many reasons …

I could go on, but this list of repeating issues has inspired me to do something about it.

My newest networking initiative is called the: 90 Day Network

And here’s where it gets really interesting. At least I think so. One of the common problems with groups is they lose momentum. People come to the groups for a while to meet new people and over time their attendance dwindles. New people join and with constant effort the group remains active and vibrant – BUT – the people who aren’t attending often don’t get the value.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this ebb and flow, but it does beg the question “why aren’t networking groups built to have a fixed start, middle and end?”

Also, the main reason most people struggle with networking is simply because they are approaching it with the wrong framework in mind (the wrong paradigm.) It’s not a sales activity, it’s really just first contact with permission to continue communicating and building the relationship. Add the fact most people have no clear sales process or follow up system, and lead generation, nurturing and conversion is low to non existent.

Hence my new initiative: The 90DayNetwork.com A new hybridized and facilitated mastermind networking model with some serious cool systems supporting automatic business growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new way of networking, drop by the website and enter your name and email and I’ll tell you more about it.

Remember: No more pitching … No more selling … Perfect for introverts … Easy referrals … Flawless followup and Easy lead generation.

Visit http://90DayNetwork.com

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