Dear {FirstName} this isn’t working out anymore …

Marketing tactics work differently at different times and you must consider many factors when choosing the right one.


I’ve maintained for the past few years that you and I have become increasingly more email savvy and understand how personalization fields works. 

I’ve advised my clients against adding {FirstName} to an email because it would become less effective and eventually start harming the open rates. 

Dear {FirstName}, this simply isn’t working out anymore … and the data in a recent MailerMailer report shows this is indeed the case!

Personalization Seen Having a Negative Effect

Details from the MailerMailer report indicate personalizing emails may have a negative effect on open and click rates. While emails that were not personalized saw an average open rate of 11.5%, those with the subject line only personalized saw an average open rate of only 5.2%, while those with both subject line and message personalized saw an average rate of 3.2%. The only lift was found in emails where only the message was personalized – to 12.7%.

In terms of click rates, emails with only the message personalized (2.5%), only the subject line personalized (1.1%), and both the subject line and message personalized (0.5%) all saw lower average rates than for emails that were not personalized (3%).

Source: MailerMailer Report

Bottom line … using a person’s name is no longer guaranteed to get your email read … did it ever?

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