David Vandenberg Smartcar Coffee Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to meet David Vandenberg. We grabbed a coffee and he told me a little more about himself, this is his Smartcar Coffee Confidential.

— About David —

You can follow David on Twitter @burlingtondavid and learn more about him @ http://davidvandenberg.ca


It was recently announced David was running the Burlington Mayor’s re-election campaign. (Sadly this fact was not public at the time of this interview so we make no reference to it.)

* Visit http://SmartcarCoffeeConfidential.com if you’d like details on how to become a future guest.

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One comment on “David Vandenberg Smartcar Coffee Confidential
  1. Rod Gibbons says:

    Dear James,

    Okay — nice going. I’ve long thought that any time I spend watching/reading/viewing about business or high tech, which results in my gaining at least one new nugget of info, is worthwhile. Specifically, I liked David’s comment (he alluded to having learned about it from Warren Buffet), that one (ideally) should have 5 income streams. To which you added the percentile that no more than 20% of ones income should come from one source. A matching observation to David’s claim.

    (Coincidentally, I JUST added a quote from Buffet to the cover of my about-to-be-published book: “Awesome Words for Geeks & Nerds — A funny guide for word-savvy kids . . . or word-challenged adults.” Buffet’s apropos quote for that is: “The best predictor of a student’s future success is the level of his/her vocabulary.”)

    Meanwhile, James, you’re “standing on the shoulder of giants.” (All the best creators do!) That is, using a format already proven by Jerry Seinfeld (riding in cars with comics-and-coffee), and James Cordon (singing with stars in cars).

    I look forward to your own future, ambulatory pairings. And do keep providing us with yet more “nuggets.”

    Rod Gibbons, mngr/founder
    Seattle, WA

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