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I love people … I just couldn’t eat whole one! Badum-dum. Try the veal I’ll be here all week..

But seriously, people are awesome and since I enjoy talking, writing and generally hanging out with people … I get asked lots of interesting questions.

Like this one: “James, so how do you make money?”

I know … some folks thinks it’s impertinent to ask that, but I don’t mind. And the answer usually involves a big grin and something about infopreneuring …

Have you heard of “infopreneuring” ?

Well it’s basically a mashup of the terms information + entrepreneur. At its heart it’s about digital publishing on the internet. Taking something you know and selling it online.

Imagine making money while you sleep. I do.

Some days I make more than other days but it works … even if I’m not. This is how I was able to bootstrap and launch the Social Fusion Network. I was able to invest my time because money was being made for my by my infopreneuring activities. Cool huh?

What’s even cooler is the guy that got me started on this path (New York Times best selling author Robert G. Allen) has developed a FREE 6 part video training course about ‘how to become an infopreneur’ and you can get instant access today by visiting:

Go ahead, check it out. In moments you’ll have one of the worlds foremost “millionaire makers” teaching you how he did it … for FREE.

To your online success.

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James Burchill

James is a fan of practical "what" and "how to" information and enjoys showing you how to 'convert conversations into cash' using social media, online marketing and live events.