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Are You Too Busy For Social Media?

It’s a challenge to make (or find) time in the day. I know, as a small-business owner it’s always tough deciding where to spend my time.

Take a few nights ago for instance … I’d gone to bed but my mind was too damn busy. So I grabbed a pen and paper and began scribbling notes about my business. It helps to clear my mind.

Bottom line, after about half an hour of writing I’d crystallized 3 things. It’s not important you know what all 3 were, but it’s important you know one of them was about delegation *hint hint*

Finding time for anything is tough, but I know when I delegate tasks properly – they get done. I get my time back and business goes on … usually better than before because my mind is clearer.

I’d like to help you clear a few tasks off your plate – social media marketing being one of them. You don’t need to over think this decision – it’s easy. If you believe we can help you then all I need is the go ahead.

There’s no contract, no long-term commitment, simply pay-as-you-go each month by credit card. It’s called Social Media ‘Content Made Easy’ for a reason.

My team and I do all the work. We analyze what to say by studying the online conversations and your market, we set up or adjust your SM profiles, we write your content, we manage your profiles, we publish your content and monitor your online brand daily. You’re free to sit back and do anything else you want.

The program works and is cost-effective. Normally the first payment is $999 (which includes analysis, setup and first months content etc) then $699/mo thereafter. But right now we’re running a special: $999 to start then $499/mo — a saving of $200 each month.

Get in touch if we can set you free 😉

James Burchill