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1,000 Days to Die


Inspired by the recent rash of crazy CASL emails and terrible tactics (a la email) it’s time to deliver another dose of “Jamesian” sanity and remind you the proverbial death clock is ticking and you only have about 1000 days to REALLY get your email house in order before the million dollar hammer drops … and your business dies!

[Cue: thunder clap and lightning]

Yup, I just counted how many days there are between NOW and July 1st, 2017 … that fixed point int the future where (if you haven’t take the right actions) YOU WILL HAVE NO FUTURE!

At least that’s the story if you believe all the hype. Frankly I’m not sure CASL will live that long, but hey … I’m not going to gamble a million dollars to find out. Are you?

So here’s what I’m doing to ensure that CASL remains a problem for the other guy and not me. You see, part of the CASL problem is that people aren’t really sure what the heck to do to ensure “compliance.” They’re freaking out over whether their entire list is at issue, or is some of the list a problem? What if I’m not sending “commercial email” … then what, does it matter?

OMG! Take a pill sheeple (er, people) and calm down. It’s going to be just fine if you do something very simple from this day forward.

What you want to do is build a simple automated sales funnel …

  1. Brain-storm a brilliant FREE OFFER you can make to your list. Checklists, resource sheets, video and audio trainings … get creative and think up how you could answer a TOP 10 “burning” question your target client wants answered.
  2. Now create a NEW DOUBLE OPT-IN LIST on your favourite email service – I likeAweber and use it for my main list management tasks.
  3. Create a simple OPT-IN for your new list. If you’re using Aweber you can grab the Aweber self-hosted short link for the form. Then you don’t even need a website to host your landing page. Cool huh? The Aweber link will look something like this: (click on my link to try it. Hint Hint)
  4. Write one quick email that thanks them for requesting your freeby and then delivers on the offer promise by attaching your free gifts (report, cheat sheets etc) to the email. This is what people will get when they opt-in.
  5. NOW HERE COMES THE MAGIC … Email your existing email list and OFFER THEM THE FREE GIFT. Tell them they can download/access/get a free copy by clicking this link … Now include the link to Aweber (or whatever optin form you’re using) and send it BEFORE JULY 1st.

Rinse & Repeat Until July 1st, 2017.

Anyone who has not joined the new list or lists (hey, create as many offers and opt-ins as you need) should be deleted, dropped, unsubscribed … anything to ensure you don’t accidentally ever send them email again.

In fact, I’m of the opinion that you simply delete the remaining database of email contacts and use only the newly minted, totally CASL compliant lists you’ve been building.

Advanced Marketing Mojo

There are so many ways to achieve this simple act of converting your lists to compliance that it boggles my mind more people waited so dang long to do it. Even before the threat of CASL it was simply just good business practice to use explicit permission. After all, who wants to pitch people who don’t want what you’re offering or care about your business?

If you’d like to get more information on “sales funnel automation” and some free trainings on how best to achieve this simple but powerful miracle of marketing read:

My blog post about the “Sales Funnel Lie” for more details

Tick-tock … remember, you only have a 1000 days to die :-)

[Cue: thunder clap and lightning. Fade to black]