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TAOGCDo you sometimes feel your quest for more clients takes up most of your time and creative energy?

I bet you can’t help but wonder … “How do all those 6 and 7-figure business owners do it? How do they consistently attract a slew of clients, sell all their stuff and have a ton of free time to enjoy their life?”

Care to find out?

It won’t cost you a dime.

It’s called The Art of Getting Clients – and it’s a 21-day online virtual teleconference event where some very successful entrepreneurs share their top strategies on client acquisition, income generation, marketing and other profitable and actionable advice.

This special online event is hosted by Demi Karpouzos, she’s a marketing strategist, published author and tell-all speaker. She’s also a really nice person! By the way, I am one of the experts interviewed by Demi during the summit, and I have to say, I’m honoured. If you have a few moments, check it out.

Stay frosty,

James :)

1,000 Days to Die


Inspired by the recent rash of crazy CASL emails and terrible tactics (a la email) it’s time to deliver another dose of “Jamesian” sanity and remind you the proverbial death clock is ticking and you only have about 1000 days to REALLY get your email house in order before the million dollar hammer drops … and your business dies!

[Cue: thunder clap and lightning]

Yup, I just counted how many days there are between NOW and July 1st, 2017 … that fixed point int the future where (if you haven’t take the right actions) YOU WILL HAVE NO FUTURE!

At least that’s the story if you believe all the hype. Frankly I’m not sure CASL will live that long, but hey … I’m not going to gamble a million dollars to find out. Are you?

So here’s what I’m doing to ensure that CASL remains a problem for the other guy and not me. You see, part of the CASL problem is that people aren’t really sure what the heck to do to ensure “compliance.” They’re freaking out over whether their entire list is at issue, or is some of the list a problem? What if I’m not sending “commercial email” … then what, does it matter?

OMG! Take a pill sheeple (er, people) and calm down. It’s going to be just fine if you do something very simple from this day forward.

What you want to do is build a simple automated sales funnel …

  1. Brain-storm a brilliant FREE OFFER you can make to your list. Checklists, resource sheets, video and audio trainings … get creative and think up how you could answer a TOP 10 “burning” question your target client wants answered.
  2. Now create a NEW DOUBLE OPT-IN LIST on your favourite email service – I likeAweber and use it for my main list management tasks.
  3. Create a simple OPT-IN for your new list. If you’re using Aweber you can grab the Aweber self-hosted short link for the form. Then you don’t even need a website to host your landing page. Cool huh? The Aweber link will look something like this: (click on my link to try it. Hint Hint)
  4. Write one quick email that thanks them for requesting your freeby and then delivers on the offer promise by attaching your free gifts (report, cheat sheets etc) to the email. This is what people will get when they opt-in.
  5. NOW HERE COMES THE MAGIC … Email your existing email list and OFFER THEM THE FREE GIFT. Tell them they can download/access/get a free copy by clicking this link … Now include the link to Aweber (or whatever optin form you’re using) and send it BEFORE JULY 1st.

Rinse & Repeat Until July 1st, 2017.

Anyone who has not joined the new list or lists (hey, create as many offers and opt-ins as you need) should be deleted, dropped, unsubscribed … anything to ensure you don’t accidentally ever send them email again.

In fact, I’m of the opinion that you simply delete the remaining database of email contacts and use only the newly minted, totally CASL compliant lists you’ve been building.

Advanced Marketing Mojo

There are so many ways to achieve this simple act of converting your lists to compliance that it boggles my mind more people waited so dang long to do it. Even before the threat of CASL it was simply just good business practice to use explicit permission. After all, who wants to pitch people who don’t want what you’re offering or care about your business?

If you’d like to get more information on “sales funnel automation” and some free trainings on how best to achieve this simple but powerful miracle of marketing read:

My blog post about the “Sales Funnel Lie” for more details

Tick-tock … remember, you only have a 1000 days to die :-)

[Cue: thunder clap and lightning. Fade to black]

How To Survive & Thrive Without A Job (+FREE Compendium)


The End of an era, the end of your job…

You sit at the kitchen table – stunned by the news: you have been fired/laid off/downsized/retired/right sized [pick one] or add your own reason for leaving the job.

Now what?

Well, first things first – Stop And Accept the loss. You might experience grief, denial, happiness – a whole series of emotions – but you must experience them. Get it out of your system. If you can, take a few days (I was going to say “off work”… oops!) take a few days to reflect.

Finished reflecting? Good! Now let’s get down to some serious SURVIVING and when we have figured that out, let’s move on to THRIVING; because I am not sure about your needs – survival is okay but it becomes dreadfully boring… I want more, and YOU will too!

A Random Thought

A business colleague of mine once told me something really interesting, it’s called the theory of effective control. The idea is simple enough and I thought I would share it with you today.

If a client or company controls more than 20% of your income YOU are no longer in control of your business – they are.

Why’s that you might ask – simple really, if they decide to dump you for a cheaper/faster/lighter/whatever version of you or your company’s service/product, they can effectively alter the direction of your success.

Put another way, if they can stop your income in one fell swoop they can STOP YOU!

How do you defend this position, well you just make sure that you spread the risk – have a few clients/income sources. If one stream goes dry you have another, and it gives you time to seek out a replacement without making rash and often inappropriate choices (we all go a little strange when under pressure)

Now who’s in control? Sound like anyone you know ~ food for thought isn’t it.

Reviewing Your Assets (what do you have to ‘work’ with?)

Okay, so you are over the shock – or at least you should be – and now you have to come to terms with the new situation. In this step we need to marshal your resources – we need to review your assets, and develop a list of things we can use to survive life’s little curve ball.

SIDE BAR – Job Security

I was never a big fan of the whole employment mindset for a few very good reasons: 1 – You feel secure in the knowledge of a regular pay check and 2 – You feel secure in the knowledge of a regular pay check ;-)

Security is (and always will be) a perception issue – you feel secure because of the regularity of the job, because of the hype and the images portrayed in the press and even spoken amongst friends.

Perhaps I can remind you of something… Those people who own the company you work for (or now worked for) own that business for one simple reason – to make money. If they were not in it “for the money” it would be called a charity! Might I also ask you another question? Usually the biggest single expense a company can incur is the cost of employing people… people like you.

Now if I could automate and systemize my company then I can reduce my labour costs and increase my profits, I can get a larger and healthier return on my investment (ROI). If I am the president of that firm I know I would go that route because my compensation is tied to profit (usually).

So why do you think the staff are always the first to go in a reshuffle or strategic merger… PROFITS! And swinging the axe reaps them quicker than any other way – unless you favour the illegal route like certain nameless companies of late!

Regular pay checks make people sluggish – they trust too much. Gone are the days of job security – heck! I doubt they ever existed really; just things moved a lot slower 30 or 40 years ago.

Something to think about if you want to get another job, maybe you should treat the job differently?

So life threw you a curve ball.

It is a little scary; however most people are only about three pay checks away from bankruptcy. That is about 90 days for most of us, a little less if you were paid more frequently.

So in three pay cycles you could lose the house, the car and become one of the many unfortunate few now filing for personal bankruptcy in greater and greater numbers.

Next we are going to discuss ways to cut some costs, but for now we need to develop this list – here are a few ideas to get you started:

My Assets

House, cars, ~toys~, jewellery, bonds, investments, paintings, antiques, rare items, land or other property deeds, retirement funds, college funds – use your imagination.

Now don’t get all nervous on me, I am not suggesting you go out and start selling them all – not yet anyway ;-) and you would not get much for them in a ‘fire sale’ (a fire sale is when you dump or liquidate assets ~ you can expect well under 50% of the current fair market value in a fire sale) No, I simply want you to get a handle on what you DO HAVE – it will make you feel better for one thing, and you can always pledge assets if you need to get a short term loan from someone such as the bank.

One thing I would like you to pay close attention to are the toys – you know, golf clubs, radio-controlled cars/planes etc, sewing machines, exercise equipment, ‘spare’ electronic gadgets – you know – the toys… The kind of toys that are fun but not a requirement for survival – these items would be the first to go in a controlled fashion IF it comes to it.

There are numerous ways to get top dollar for all your excess ‘stuff’ without people knowing you are hurting for cash (because if they know they will squeeeeze you for a lower price). We discuss some of the best places to sell items later in this report.

So, to recap – just figure out what assets you do indeed have. Try and get a value and try and figure out how much time is involved in converting them from stuff into cash.

Reducing Your Expenses (Cut costs)

So you lost your job, you’ve had to wander around your home assessing your net worth and now I am going to make you feel even more cheerful by discussing ways to cut your expenses. I know this is not fun, but bear with me. But why not focus on earning money, why not focus on replacing the lost income you say?

TIP: A dollar saved is NOT the same as a dollar earned…

To earn a dollar you must earn the dollar plus the tax, to save a dollar requires a simple enough exercise. Now you see why cutting costs is the first step. Earning it back comes next – in fact we start talking about that soon.

Cutting costs is not all that hard really – you just need to be honest with yourself. You need to itemize ALL (and I mean ALL) the monthly expenses – including the fuzzy expenses like cigarettes, occasional lunches and candy bars.

You need to list them all out and then along side record WHAT you use to pay for them. Again, just bear with the process for a moment – I have a point.

Now, order that list (it might be a good idea to use a spreadsheet program like Excel to perform this task) by the payment method.

In a survival situation you need to cut costs and you need desperately to hold onto any reserves of cash you may have. I asked you to list out the payment methods so you are aware how you are ‘financing’ your spending.

If you spend cash it is gone, if you use credit it can be FREE money for a time period – if you carry a balance then it costs you. Credit cards are VERY pricey and to use them to finance your purchases is a dangerous route at best.

BONUS TIP: Identify any expenses that can be converted – find out if the debt can be converted into a payment plan of some kind – reserve your cash for emergencies.

If you are already a very careful person you might not have any obvious costs to cut back on – in that case I suggest you focus your attention on the cost of purchase items – like the credit card and the bank overdraft and the store cards. If you think you are going to be without money for some time you might consider a consolidation loan with the bank – you might want to do this BEFORE they find out about the recent career change!

Another way to cut costs is by consolidating your high interest expenses into a lower rate debt – like a home equity advance. It may make sense to realize some of your house’s intrinsic value by drawing down on the equity – the debt will be cheaper than high rate cards and the cash can help you through the “dry patch”.

Seriously though, take the time and compare your expenses to your assets – in particular your cash position. You need a clear head to focus on the next series of thoughts and ideas – without that sense of peace that comes from knowing right where you stand, you will be plagued with doubt and worry and be unable to fully realize your potential in the upcoming tasks.

Revenue Streams (“Show Me The Money” – J.McGuire)

Let’s talk about revenue streams – I prefer torrents but we have to start somewhere :-)

In an earlier step I mentioned effective control, I also said that you need to spread the income streams around to reduce the risk – this still holds true and we are going to discuss a few concepts that you may or may not be aware of.

Standard Income Stream: LINEAR

Your job was probably a prime example of a linear income stream, you worked 1 hour and they paid you for one hour (less any deductions of course). You never got paid again for that hours work. As you get more efficient in your job you can produce more in the same time – but you still only get paid for the one hour… hmmm, sounds unfair to me.

Residual Income Stream: NON-LINEAR

An example of a non-linear stream is where you do the task once and get paid repeatedly. A perfect example of this is an author, they get paid royalties for every book they sell, a musician gets paid each time the music is played and the list of residual opportunities goes on. Essentially you work once and get paid many times. Now this is more like it.

What I need you to consider now is the fact that you need a few revenue streams – I personally aim for 10 myself and that way you always have some streams developing, some producing and some dying off and the cycle goes on.

You had a job and I bet it provided 100% of your revenue stream. If you have a partner and they work then you may have their income to soften the fall, but none the less the “all the eggs in one basket” is NOT the way to live a smooth and hassle free life… but what am I telling you this for, you know this already!

You need to develop some other money making business opportunities and in the next steps we will look at a few good ones.

Did you know: the #1 business (currently) on the Internet is the provision of adult site material to viewers? Don’t worry, I am not recommending you start up an adult site!

Did you know: the #2 business is the sale of INFORMATION…?

Alternate Cash Sources

There are two groupings for cash – short term and long term availability. Let’s start with the short term – or quick cash sources.

‘QUICK’ CASH – The obvious ones are redeemable investments, cash in the bank, bonds, insurances and so on. We should not overlook the obvious ones like your bank overdraft, your credit cards and your line of credit.

‘LONGER TERM CASH’ – Would be ‘new’ loans secured with collateral or a simple one for most home owners – the home equity loan. This last one is a great way to profit from the appreciation of your biggest asset – your home.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking, “But James, I don’t own my own home and I don’t have all these disposable assets…” Well that does pose a problem… but not an insurmountable one.


I have this personal credo I live by and it goes a bit like this… if I need a way out and I am facing a brick wall… I create a door way! In other words, make your own destiny, create a cash generator if you can’t liquidate something… take charge of your life or it will take charge if you.

Enough sophistry, here’s how I recommend you tackle the need for quick cash if you have no convertible assets… actually before I tell you I need you to put yourself in ‘accepting mode’ momentarily. I am going to tell you something that you will probably not accept, you will do everything you can to talk yourself out of why this will not work for you.

As I said, just bear with me – it does work and I have helped many people (and businesses) add another income stream to their lives with this simple approach.

Are you ready?

Drum roll please……. eBay !!!

Those four characters e~B~a~y can change your life … maybe not forever (but that one is up to you) but long enough for you to survive and thrive life’s little curve ball.

Here’s why.

eBay is the worlds biggest online market (millions of customers), you can sell almost anything, the ‘store’ is open 24x7x365, it’s GLOBAL in nature and believe me when I tell you this… people will buy the darnedest things and pay the most outrageous prices for items they want.

~ You always make money by finding a need and filling it ~

Remember earlier we discussed reviewing your assets, I told you to pay special attention to ‘toys’ – eBay is why. These toys are the primary items you would sell online if you need quick cash. In eBay terms quick cash is about two weeks or less: the average ‘auction’ runs for 7 days and people usually pay within a few days. You can run an auction for 3 days if the item is a HOT seller.

If you like yard sales then you will find eBay good fun – and profitable too. Try not to limit your thinking about the whole eBay idea – you can sell pretty much anything, your old games, books, clothes, jewellery, pictures – even ones YOU took with digital camera at the last Britney Spears concert (I have seen it done!) and your imagination – and eBay policy – is really the only limit.


Just in case you don’t need quick cash does not mean you should not consider eBay – I use it to sell things I no longer want or need… I sold a radio controlled air plane, some sports equipment, antique geometry equipment and even some old ’78 records! It’s all fair game on eBay.

Rather than get into too many details about running an eBay auction I should just tell you to visit the web site and see for your self – it’s truly amazing!

One final word about eBay, you can use it in many ways – for now I am only talking about the obvious – selling items online, but don’t let that fool you, there are many ways to make use of the power of eBay to boost your revenue streams.

Building Your Future (Be your own boss)

So do you want to build a business?

Do you really want a business or do you just want CA$H ? There is a significant difference, cash is easy enough to get with a little effort and some creativity (see Step #5) however developing or building a business is a whole other matter. For now I am going to focus on building the ground work for a business.


Do you know the difference between being self employed and owning a business…? If you can take a vacation and the business is still MAKING MONEY then it’s a business… otherwise it’s just a job and we all know where that can lead.

If I may be so bold as to make some observations about you:

1) You have access to a computer

2) You can read and write English

3) You are open minded – or you would not be reading this

4) You know how to use the Internet – or you would not have found this

5) You were gainfully employed until recently (or still are employed but are looking to cover your bases)

6) You have at least one hobby you enjoy (hopefully)

7) You are like most humans: you will accept quick instead of slow, easy instead of hard, simple instead of complex and you think of your self as a good person.

Using the above ‘profile’ I can tell you are a lot like me – and about every other person in the Western world. That’s good; it makes the next parts easier.

I will also add to the mix the following criteria for my idea of a perfect business:

1) No employees

2) No set hours (PT or FT)

3) No inventory (darned expensive carrying inventory)

4) No face to face selling (unless you want to)

5) High profits

6) No suppliers or vendors

7) No middle-men (or middle-people if you are P.C)

8) Multi-stream capable

9) Simple and easy to operate

10) YOU have ALL the expertise you’ll ever need

11) It’s non-linear (residual)

12) Completely AUTOMATABLE…

This last point is a really important one, AUTOMATABLE. I have my various endeavours set to run on auto-pilot without my involvement – it sounds corny but I can make money while I am in the bath, or sleeping or out walking the cat – yes, I said CAT, I was just seeing if you are paying attention!

If we look around today at the #1 business on the Internet we find it is adult entertainment… Not my idea of a good business, why? Because the competition is too stiff (if you’ll excuse the pun.) The dynamics of the whole adult industry are based on images and perception. It’s just too subjective in my opinion and very expensive to promote.

One of the other criteria I imagine you have is that you’d like to start your business on a shoestring budget.

Okay, let’s forget about becoming the next great adult site and set our sites on something we can excel in.

What is the Internet ‘really’ all about? In my opinion it’s all about information: huge libraries online and all available for us to find what ever we’re looking for – right?

Okay, it should come as no real surprise the #2 business on the Internet is information sales. It’s become a very lucrative business indeed. I would say that the mail order world found a new media and assimilated it with a passion.

So what has this got to do with you? Simple, your best bet at generating a business that will work tirelessly and relentlessly is that of an automated INFO PRODUCT publisher. It can be about anything you wish, any thing YOU are passionate about, anything YOU know that other people don’t.

You create a short report, a ‘white-paper’ an e-book (if you want to give it its online trendy name) – but it’s just a document none the less. You write it the best you can – no Hemingway’s required here – passion will carry a person further than their legs alone!

You then create around your e-book a marketing engine that will promote your product in e-zines, on web sites, offline in classifieds, you implement an automated order taking, delivery and payment processing system, you partner with others and steadily add more products to your micro- publishing empire.

It will take some time to do all this, maybe a month or so (not full time – just working a bit here and there) and if you do it properly you will end up with a completely automated system.

“But James, my new publishing business generates only $500 a month…” I say “Excellent!” Now here is the ‘kicker’ do it again… and again and again until you have 10 little publishing endeavours and a nice $5,000 a month…

And it all works like clock work and YOU don’t have to do anything other than think up new ideas and ways to spend your time (and money) …

Sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well it is and it isn’t. The mechanics are easily explained but what seems to cause most people to fail is the sheer simplicity of it…and the fact that it takes time and effort. To launch my first info product took nearly two hundred hours (it’s a whole lot quicker now – 10 or more times faster actually!)

Human nature being what it is always seeks instant gratification. If you can delay that need until your ‘empire’ is launched you will be so much better off. The work comes first and the profits come later – it is NOT like the service industry where you work for an hour and get paid for an hour at the end of the month. This venture requires commitment and hard work BUT and this is a REALLY BIG BUT… it’s a one time expense and then the royalties keep rolling in.

Work ONCE get paid MANY… No more work, just streams of cash for each product you publish. And don’t tell me you can’t write that wont wash with me – and don’t tell me you can’t think of what to write… IMPOSSIBLE I say! And even if it was true (and it’s not) I can show you a dozen or more ways to get OTHERS to write the product for you… Does “Chicken Soup For The…” ring any bells. These guys got OTHER people to send in their heart warming stories and then THEY published them!!! Amazing and true.

Now What?

A very good question I might say. Now what indeed? Well if you are even remotely like me you have already sensed that I favour the free agent lifestyle – yes it has its price (the occasional sleepless night) but on the whole I would not trade that for a pay check in an instant.

I prefer the freedom to live the non-ordinary life in an ordinary way. I mentioned earlier that it was not just about money, it was about lifestyle. I like my life, I like the lifestyle – I work when I want to work, I help people I want to help and I play when I want to play.

Now don’t think for one minute I am a ‘goof off’ Oh no, I often work long days and put in 12 to 14 hour days… then I goof off ;-) Seriously though, I love what I do so it’s not really work. I work hard and enjoy it and when the business gods favour me, I turn a tidy profit.

What do I want for you – I want you to realize the following 10 items:

1) There is no security in a job.

2) 95% of people who follow the pack are sheep, and sheep get slaughtered!

3) Only 5% are financially successful at 65.

4) Never give away your authority – like trusting a company to invest YOUR money or pension funds.

5) Sh*t does NOT happen as often as the insurance companies would have you believe.

6) You must start your own company – no matter how small, the tax advantages alone make it at least a 30% ROI!!!

7) You must invest in yourself – it will generate rates of return unheard of in banking circles!

8) The Internet has changed everything, and at the same time NOTHING has changed with people – fundamentals still exist and remain the same.

9) Self employed people earn at least twice as much as ‘employed’ people… and they can avoid on-coming career damaging activities because they are aware these negatives actually exist.

10) Self employed and a owning a business are not the same thing.

BONUS TIP: There is NO security in a job – say it with me.

Wishing you every success,

James Burchill

PS. This article and advice was excerpted from my compendium project referred to internally as “HTSATWAJ” … silly name but a cool project none-the-less. Basically I compiled a HUUUGE resource library of short articles and other information explaining hundreds of ways to make money if you were either unemployed or simply looking to create some more cash. The compendium is over 300 pages long and contains more than 400 unique and creative ways to survive and thrive in today’s tough economic, social and political environment.

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I Don’t “CHAT” or Eat Brains!


Lately I’ve noticed an interesting trend – people connecting with me asking to “chat.”

  • They want to chat about how I produce and market events.
  • They want to chat about how I use technology to save time and automate my business.
  • They want to chat about something I wrote so they can understand it better.
  • They want to chat about a problem they’re having.

It’s lovely to be popular …. but there’s just one problem.


Chat is short for chit-chat, or chatter or some other throwaway and inane conversation.

Chatting is what I do after work with friends while enjoying a frosty beverage

It’s NOT what I do during the work day after investing many tens of thousands of hours honing my craft.



And I charge accordingly. 

To say I chat is akin to saying a dentist pokes around in your mouth, or a musician plucks a few strings. It’s like saying a chef throws together a meal, a craftsman whacks away with a hammer and chisel or a painter just daubs a few splurges of colour on the canvas!

No, the term is annoying … and while I understand people don’t mean to be disrespectful – it is.

And it’s almost as bad as when people say they’d “like to pick my brain!”

My usual response to this “zombi-esque” request is No problem, just contact my office and pick a time and preferred payment method and we’ll schedule your CONSULT / COACHING SESSION / TRAINING CLASS … you get the point.

Oh, and while I’m having a wee-rant … NO you cannot exchange a $1 cup of coffee for an hour of my time “picking my brain” and NO you cannot offer to buy me a $25 lunch either for the same request.

I love helping people – I really do – but let’s start the relationship off on the right foot and acknowledge each others value. If you want what I’ve got or you want to save time, make money or solve some problem – then I’ll gladly help you … for a fair fee. It’s my job, it’s what I do.

I don’t chatter … unless it’s really cold (then my teeth do) ;-)


Finding Your Glee Spot

You often hear people discuss it in hushed tones, some people laugh nervously when the conversation turns toward it. It’s hard to find and many people miss it entirely. Much effort is spent trying to locate it …

Yes, it’s the “Glee Spot” the magical place that makes people happy.

And today I have a simple map that shows you precisely where to find it. No more fumbling about in the dark … so to speak.

Here’s the map:

Glee spot

Navigating is easy when you remember your Glee Spot lies right at the centre of 4 quadrants:

  • What you love to do, 
  • What you’re good at,
  • What the world needs and 
  • What you can get paid for.

Between each of the quadrants lies a sub zone – your Passion (P1), your Mission (M), your Profession (P2) and your Vocation (V) — see the legend below.

Simply overlay all 4 quadrants and move toward the centre … that’s where you will find your Glee Spot.

Happy hunting.


  • P1 = PASSION: a strong and barely controllable emotion.
  • P2 = PROFESSION: a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.
  • M = MISSION: an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes.
  • V = VOCATION: a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.

Mindy’s 4-step formula for making six-figures from home …

Beach toes

Five years ago, Mindy McHorse was a lowly office worker in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a serious problem …

Like many Americans nowadays, she was deep in debt. She and her husband owed more than $100,000 on credit cards and student loans.

Stuck in a boring job with a 2-hour commute and a bullying boss, Mindy felt “trapped” in a life she never wanted.

Then one day, she received a letter in the mail from a stranger …

What the letter said was so hard to believe that at first she set it aside, never intending to reply.

But the letter “called to her” throughout the day. Eventually she put it on her nightstand — where she turned to it again and again. Finally, she replied to the stranger who wrote the letter.

And that’s when her life began to change …

Today, Mindy makes more than $114,000 a year working about 20 hours a week from home. But what she does is so simple and fun — even exciting! — that millions of people would gladly trade places with her.

Best of all, she has all the free time in the world to spend raising her two toddlers … having lunch with other stay-at-home moms … taking fabulous foreign vacations with her husband.

In short, she’s living the life she always dreamed of.

In this free video, Mindy tells her story in her own words. She says that you, too, can change your life just like she did. The secret is a simple 4-step “formula” for making six-figures from home.

So click here to watch Mindy’s story and discover the secret 4-step formula that unlocks the door to financial freedom. It changed Mindy’s life. It could change yours — starting today!

~ James

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What’s the Difference Between a Small Business Coach vs Consultant?


We’ve all met one, heard of one, or seen one at some time or another. If you own a small business, you’ve no doubt been approached by or contacted by a small business coach and/or consultant. Many of us have been spammed by people claiming to be them too, but that’s another issue *wink* So what is the difference between a small business consultant and a small business coach? Here’s my definition:

=== Small Business Coaches

A coach is someone who works on bringing out the best of what you or your business are. Coaches usually work one-on-one with business owners or management to create more than just a better business. In general, they are life, lifestyle, and business coaches – someone who sees everything in a holistic way and works to better you rather than your business.

This might seem hokey to some, but it’s a highlight of how much a part of our lives our business usually is. In fact, most successful small business owners are married to their business just as they might be to a spouse.

A coach’s job is to encourage, support, motivate, and inspire. They find what isn’t working with your life and look for ways to fix them. Quite often, business coaches are a relatively permanent fixture for a business, becoming a part of the business owner’s or manager’s overall team.

=== Small Business Consultants

A consultant, on the other hand, is a business expert and usually works closely with ownership and management. They are interested in all aspects of the business from the janitor to the CEO. They are usually focused on on aspect of the business: manufacturing, marketing, business models, online presence, social marketing, etc.

The primary job of the consultant is to teach and suggest direction for specific aspects of the business. Just as you likely outsource your business card printing to someone, you outsource your “fresh perspective” to consultants. They bring an outside view that you cannot get otherwise.

Consultants are usually temporary. Brought in for something specific and then, at most, occasionally called in later to maintain or recheck what they’ve done.

=== The differences and similarities between coaching and consulting

Both coaches and consultants are paid fees rather than salaries. Neither are an employee of the business. The primary difference is approach and focus. Coaches are focused on individuals, consultants on processes, teams, or another aspect of the business. Coaches tend to have less tangible effects on profits and balance books while consultants usually have direct, easily-tracked effects on the bottom line. Both coaches and consultants offer a fresh, outsider’s perspective on the business that can be invaluable on its own.

Which you hire depends on your needs. Many business owners, especially when starting out or when facing uncertainty, need coaching. Many others need something specific done to get to the next level, but see no need or don’t have the budget to hire an employee to get that job done – so they get a consultant. In both cases, the business might just need a fresh perspective for a while.


Do you agree with my definition or disagree … if so why? I’d love to know your thoughts, please share them in the comments below.