The 50/50 Draw … done SFN style

Raflle ticketsIf you’ve ever been to a networking event you’re likely familiar with the traditional 50/50 draw. You buy your tickets and pay your fee. You keep half the ticket (with your number on it) and the other half is dropped into the draw for later. When the winning ticket is pulled, whoever holds the other half is given HALF OF ALL THE TICKET SALES. Nice huh?

In the past I’ve seen the winner walk away with $25 and as high as $250! Remember, that’s the half the winner gets, the event host gets to keep the other half and use it for operational costs and the like.

So what’s different about the NEW SFN 50/50 DRAW? I’m glad you asked.

Firstly, it operates like any traditional 50/50 for sure … but your ticket doesn’t just get you a chance to win half the cash for that event, it also gives you EXTRA BONUS CHANCES TO WIN THROUGHOUT THE MONTH!

Yes indeed, now for as low as $2 (the price of one SFN 50/50 ticket) you’ll have a chance to win half the cash at the event and bonus opportunities too. Each chapter will offer bonus gifts as available, sometimes it will be promotion on the blog, social media and the like, sometimes hard goods and services but always free and valuable … just for playing along with the SFN 50/50 Draw.

So the next time you attend an event, if they’re offering a 50/50 draw remember to ask if it’s an SFN style 50/50 draw with your ticket having value beyond the event with extra chances to win!

Have fun and as always …

Stay Frosty!

James :)

PS. Here’s a picture of me from about 5 years ago winning a traditional 50/50 draw at the local chamber of commerce. I think I won over $200! 

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