Putting the F U in flu

That right folks, I “Follow Up” … *smile* … and after spending the previous 5 days recovering from a healthy dose of flu, I was thrilled to join the 136 people who RSVP’d YES and attended last night at IVY Bar & Kitchen for some excellent networking.

silly queen

As always I appreciate the buzz and the support from people who take time out of their busy schedule to come and hangout with other members of SFN. It’s truly gratifying to be part of such a cool group of people – thank you.

More thanks go to our Ambassadors Joanna Blackmore and Elizabeth Plouffe for their stirling services on registration and with photography. Speaking of photos – if you snapped any last night, please remember to upload them to the event page on Meetup and tag any one you recognize. It’s more fun that way.

And keeping the fun going during our brief intermission was Joel Young of http://Ergocentric.com and author Cindy O’Brien of http://NeverFeelingSafe.com who both kindly donated gifts for attendees.

Joel donated an ergonomic office seating consult and a 4-button “hand friendly” touchpad for any computer and Cindy donated 3 signed copies of her latest (and popular book) ‘Never Feeling Safe’.

Dawn Montgomery graciously accepted Joel’s gift and Cindy’s books were won by Peter Jaycock, Doug Gowman and Willis Yacobucci.

Remember, it’s because of the kind support of members like Cindy and Joel that we’re able to keep SFN membership free. So please take a moment and checkout their websites – perhaps not so much for yourself, but for someone in your network?

Last night I was also pleased to announce the launch of a new SFN chapter in Waterdown. Kerry Mason is the new Chapter President and the first event will be held October 20th. She’s still setting things up but you can RSVP @ http://bfmx.me/1vbH9jk

Other events of note: SFN Health will be meeting at IVY on Oct 8th and the following week we’re having the BIG Fall event Oct 14th at the BPAC.


You can always get the latest details on events by visiting http://socialfusionnetwork.com/find-a-chapter

Last but not least, I was recently interviewed as part of a 21-day online virtual teleconference where 21 different experts provide their insights and strategies on growing your business, getting more clients and building a business you love. It’s totally FREE and starts online soon. You can get more details and register (for free) to listen here:


OK, that’s all for now. Enjoy your Thursday and remember to BRING A BUDDY to your next networking event … because networking is more fun with friends.

Stay frosty,

James :)

The name’s Burchill … James Burchill

Introducing … The man with the golden pun. [groan]


Morning, James here and my borrowing of that Bond title is for good effect because today I want to let you know that I’m back hosting, producing and promoting SFN Oakville‘s free b2b events.

Dave Charles along with Adolfo Montenegro had been managing the chapter since March and 3 months ago, Dave told me he had an opportunity he simply couldn’t refuse. When the deal closed he would not be able to dedicate the required time to run SFN Oakville and so he formally gave notice to resign.

It’s always a little sad when things end but I’m thrilled for Dave and he’s honoured his SFN obligations to a tee during the hand-over to me.

I’ve spoken with Dave and Adolfo and they’re both planning on attending the Sep 24th event where I will thank them publicly for their support and efforts to manage SFN Oakville through this past 6 months. If you’re able to attend I’d love to see you there, you can RSVP HERE.

If you can’t attend I understand. Business comes first, networking comes second – right :-)

Here’s a fun factoid about Dave and Adolfo’s impact on SFN Oakville this past summer – it’s grown about 10% which means that even more local business owners like you and I are able to network for free.

It’s September 1st as I write this … the kids go back to school soon and one of the busiest networking times of the year begins. For that reason I intend to manage SFN Oakville and take things “Back to Burchill” for the foreseeable future .

So here’s what I want to remind you:

  • If you have NEWS or SOMETHING COOL to share, let me know BEFORE THE EVENT. I can’t promise I’ll share everything (some folks get confused about what news is *grin*) but I’ll do my best.
  • If you want me to promote you and your business to the network then share the love and share a door prize. Here are the guidelines. Remember, you’ll get a shoutout at the event and I’ll include your name, business and website URL in the post event email.
  • Finally, if you’d like to be an Ambassador and assist on registration (the most influential and connected spot in the whole room) then please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback, support and kind words. Let’s give Dave and Adolfo a great send off on the 24th and kick-start a new networking season for the end of 2014.

Stay frosty!


* Join me in Oakville for some fun, free b2b networking on September 24th.

“They got my dick message!”


That has to be one of the oddest movie lines I’ve heard in a while. It refers to the character StarLord (aka Peter Quill of the Guardians of the Galaxy) as he acknowledges the help of the Nova Prime fighter squadron in defence of the planet. I know … it’s one of those you have to be there moments.

In fact, even though I grumbled a little about the movie in my recent Facebook post, I do recommend you go see it this weekend if you want a chuckle. It’s well made, great visual effects and personally I found the 70’s and 80’s music, the “black light” and “Jackson Pollock painting” joke and other subtle humour really funny. But hey, that’s just me.

Speaking of the weekend, it looks like the weather is going to blow … sorry, I can’t help you with that. Shame if it does stay grim because I know how much we all enjoy getting outside after our long Canadian winters. But hey, if you are stuck inside then there a few things I’d like you to consider.

FRIEND ME on Facebook :-)

Yup, I recently dropped my Facebook page (long story, but it has to do with a reduction in organic reach) and now I’m using my personal profile exclusively. Yes I know this means the Facebook experience is different, but I’ve always used paid advertising on FB so I’m cool with it. So if you’d prefer to connect on FB rather than Twitter or LinkedIn or G+ or heck … email, go ahead. I’m pretty chatty at times (I know … you would never have guessed) and I enjoy answering questions, discussing marketing, email, automation and so on.

On the topic of automation, the enrolment for my email marketing automation class closes NEXT WEEK. The first webinar is Friday August 8th … not yesterday as some folks thought. It’s ok, there’s still time to join the class and in case you were wondering if you can do what I will be teaching … YES YOU CAN. I assure you it’s not hard and remember, if you decide afterwards it wasn’t what you’d hoped for … ask for a refund. It’s cool. Here’s the link to sign up:

Course Details @ http://jamesburchill.com/automate-your-marketing-in-28-days

OK, lets’ wraps things up … it’s still early as I write this and I need a coffee :-)

Remember our Burlington SFN event is this coming Wednesday at IVY from 5 to 7pm. I just checked and 108 people have RSVP’d so far. I know more will connect next week but if you get the chance to RSVP beforehand, please do – it helps us with staffing and planning snacks.

RSVP @ http://burlington.socialfusionnetwork.com

And while you’re there … why not let me know if you’ll be attending the SFN TradeShow on Oct14. For more details about vendor tables (which are already selling quickly) go here:


That’s all for now, enjoy the weekend and I hope to see you next week Wednesday.



My July 4th Weekend: Driving a Mercedes SL500 to The Briars on Lake Simcoe

Merc SL500

We all need some down-time, and this past July 4th weekend I booked a 3-day weekend at The Briars (on Lake Simcoe) and I got there in style driving a Mercedes SL500 from Affinity Luxury Cars.

I must admit I am a fan of toys and this 7 speed “transformer” of a sports car met no equal this weekend … it was surely the way to go.

Seriously, every time I pushed the button to drop the top or raise it, I felt like I was on the set of a Transformer movie. Mercedes engineers rock!

Here’s a quick video I shot. And yes, that’s me squealing like Tigger when I pressed that gas pedal … OMG, that car can move!

  • Mercedes SL500 provided by: http://www.affinitycarrentals.com/
  • Manor house accommodation by: http://www.briars.ca/

Harry Potter on #CASL (Canadian Anti Sorcery Law) Bill C-28 (and 3/4)

In an unprecedented move, apparently legendary Wizard Harry Potter has issued a statement (unconfirmed) about the new Canadian law coming into effect on July 1st.


“My fellow spell casters, this ‘Canadian Anti Sorcery Law’ is an abomination to all good witches and wizards who practice not the dark arts (spawned from he who shall remain nameless), but follow the teachings of light and that of Dumbledore (Head Master of Hogwarts.)

These are surely dark times, and while I agree tighter control over uncontrolled spell casting is needed, a blanket ‘permission requirement hex’ on all Canadian sorcerers is simply un-constitutional and will hinder all good folk practising in the light.

Those practicing the dark arts will still curse others freely with little regard for their actions, and as we’ve seen many times throughout Hogwarts history, certain wizards simply choose to ignore the rules while those of us who follow them, suffer unjustly and are at a sorcery disadvantage.

Let us not repeat the travesty from 322 years ago when in Salem Massachusetts in 1692, twenty-eight innocent people were put to death for what was then claimed as unauthorized witchcraft. A baseless crime with no real proof. Fear and ignorance where the root cause then and I believe those same ingredients are at work now.

I call on all good wizards and witches to raise up their wands at a minute to midnight on June 30th and and with one voice shout ‘deh-LEE-tree-us CASL!’

Hopefully together we can make a difference and avoid repeating the past indiscretions of Salem.”

~~~ H.P ~~~ (at an undisclosed location.)

*Editor* We’re are currently trying to validate this authenticity of this alleged statement. Take it with a grain of salt (and toss it over your shoulder 3 times) until then ;-)

Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Today I figured I’d poke a little fun at myself. In fact I was rummaging around on my computer and looking at photos when I saw this old one of me from way back when I was in art college studying among other things … B&W photography.

For a giggle I took a picture of myself and picmonkeyed them together and added some dates so you can see how kind (or not) old father time has been to me. 

To be honest when I saw the photos side by side … all I could think was how glad I am that I still have hair!

If you want a quick web tool to stitch pictures together like this, check out picmonkey.com … it’s awesome and I highly recommend it.

Have a fun day … and remember to smile because apparently I though it was cool to scowl in 1986 – what a dope :)

James then now

I Don’t “CHAT” or Eat Brains!


Lately I’ve noticed an interesting trend – people connecting with me asking to “chat.”

  • They want to chat about how I produce and market events.
  • They want to chat about how I use technology to save time and automate my business.
  • They want to chat about something I wrote so they can understand it better.
  • They want to chat about a problem they’re having.

It’s lovely to be popular …. but there’s just one problem.


Chat is short for chit-chat, or chatter or some other throwaway and inane conversation.

Chatting is what I do after work with friends while enjoying a frosty beverage

It’s NOT what I do during the work day after investing many tens of thousands of hours honing my craft.



And I charge accordingly. 

To say I chat is akin to saying a dentist pokes around in your mouth, or a musician plucks a few strings. It’s like saying a chef throws together a meal, a craftsman whacks away with a hammer and chisel or a painter just daubs a few splurges of colour on the canvas!

No, the term is annoying … and while I understand people don’t mean to be disrespectful – it is.

And it’s almost as bad as when people say they’d “like to pick my brain!”

My usual response to this “zombi-esque” request is No problem, just contact my office and pick a time and preferred payment method and we’ll schedule your CONSULT / COACHING SESSION / TRAINING CLASS … you get the point.

Oh, and while I’m having a wee-rant … NO you cannot exchange a $1 cup of coffee for an hour of my time “picking my brain” and NO you cannot offer to buy me a $25 lunch either for the same request.

I love helping people – I really do – but let’s start the relationship off on the right foot and acknowledge each others value. If you want what I’ve got or you want to save time, make money or solve some problem – then I’ll gladly help you … for a fair fee. It’s my job, it’s what I do.

I don’t chatter … unless it’s really cold (then my teeth do) ;-)


‘No Pants’ Networking?

SFN Lead Gen Logo

Good morning, it’s James Burchill from SFN and I’m here today to let you know that it’s officially PANTS OPTIONAL time. Yes, later today I will attend a networking wearing … NO PANTS!

No long pants that is ;-)

Yup, it’s also “BBC” time … “Bermudian Business Casual” so I’ll be wearing shorts, a cooling t-shirt and open-toed sandals to network in. And ladies, you are invited to lighten up your wardrobe too – summer dresses welcome.

Please no ‘booty shorts’ because they’re too distracting. We’ve had few people wear them and to the guy who wore them last summer … OMG!!!

But all kidding aside, with the warmer weather it’s time to roll out the lighter clothing and I am very happy about it because I was born in the cold, southwest of England and developed an internal furnace to stay warm.

This means my body runs hot at the best of times so Canadian summers are a rough go for me. Air conditioning, cold drinks, shorts, flip-flops and light t-shirts are a must and I’ll be enjoying them all this afternoon at the IVY Bar & Kitchen from 5pm to 7pm.

And you’re invited to attend our Free B2B Networking.

Remember to RSVP if you have not because it helps the venue plan staff and snack requirements. Also, if you have a door prize you’d like to share let me know in advance so I can get the write up done. Here are the rules: http://bfmx.me/dp-rules

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment and RSVP http://burlington.socialfusionnetwork.com

#StayFrosty and I look forward to seeing you later.

James Burchill, Founder