Have you ever tried “Speed Not-Working?”


First there was speed-dating for people looking for a love in a flash, then there was speed-networking for business people in a hurry … Personally I think it’s all rather rush-rush, but who am I to argue? So I figured maybe we could take the idea and apply it to not-working …

In Speed-Not-Working ™ *chuckle* you meetup with a person for 2 minutes and tell them all about YOUR HOBBIES and WHAT YOU DO FOR FUN. Basically you explain your not-working activities … at 2 minutes you switch roles and the other person shares the things that they like doing for fun.

Sound interesting? Remember … it’s NOT speed dating (too much performance pressure), it’s NOT speed networking (too business-boring *yawn*)

… it’s Speed-Not-Working ™ – it’s funner.

Based on the format and the basic approach model, I reckon we can handle about 24 to 36 people . Within an hour or two I figure we could “speed-not-work” with about 10 to 12 people! And yes, afterwards you can still just hangout and “not-work” with everyone too.

If you’re interested in this fun idea, RSVP yes. I know we don’t have a location or date as yet, but I’ll work on that based on demand. Feel free to suggest locations and dates in the comments.

Stay frosty!

James :)

PS. You can always un-RSVP later if the date/time/location don’t work for you. But at least this way I’ll figure out if you’re game for something different.

Copyright (c) 2014 James C. Burchill