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The name’s Burchill … James Burchill

Introducing … The man with the golden pun. [groan]


Morning, James here and my borrowing of that Bond title is for good effect because today I want to let you know that I’m back hosting, producing and promoting SFN Oakville‘s free b2b events.

Dave Charles along with Adolfo Montenegro had been managing the chapter since March and 3 months ago, Dave told me he had an opportunity he simply couldn’t refuse. When the deal closed he would not be able to dedicate the required time to run SFN Oakville and so he formally gave notice to resign.

It’s always a little sad when things end but I’m thrilled for Dave and he’s honoured his SFN obligations to a tee during the hand-over to me.

I’ve spoken with Dave and Adolfo and they’re both planning on attending the Sep 24th event where I will thank them publicly for their support and efforts to manage SFN Oakville through this past 6 months. If you’re able to attend I’d love to see you there, you can RSVP HERE.

If you can’t attend I understand. Business comes first, networking comes second – right :-)

Here’s a fun factoid about Dave and Adolfo’s impact on SFN Oakville this past summer – it’s grown about 10% which means that even more local business owners like you and I are able to network for free.

It’s September 1st as I write this … the kids go back to school soon and one of the busiest networking times of the year begins. For that reason I intend to manage SFN Oakville and take things “Back to Burchill” for the foreseeable future .

So here’s what I want to remind you:

  • If you have NEWS or SOMETHING COOL to share, let me know BEFORE THE EVENT. I can’t promise I’ll share everything (some folks get confused about what news is *grin*) but I’ll do my best.
  • If you want me to promote you and your business to the network then share the love and share a door prize. Here are the guidelines. Remember, you’ll get a shoutout at the event and I’ll include your name, business and website URL in the post event email.
  • Finally, if you’d like to be an Ambassador and assist on registration (the most influential and connected spot in the whole room) then please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback, support and kind words. Let’s give Dave and Adolfo a great send off on the 24th and kick-start a new networking season for the end of 2014.

Stay frosty!


* Join me in Oakville for some fun, free b2b networking on September 24th.