[BREAKING .NEWS] Did you make this branding blunder?

Did you hear the .NEWS?

That would be the new top-level-domain called dot-news.

You’re probably familiar with dot-com (it’s been around since 1985) but dot-news only became available recently and this morning I spent some time seeing what dot-news domains I could register.If you’re a news-worthy site or you have information to share that’s timely, a dot-news ‘top level domain’ could be the way to go. For $20 (or thereabouts) it’s a cheap way to snag a very cool domain name. 

And the best part … some very big brands HAVE FORGOTTEN TO REGISTER their dot-news domain name which would protect their brand. *DANGER WILL ROBINSON!*

For instance … the www.BurlingtonPost.com has NOT registered www.BurlingtonPost.news !!! And other local news sites have missed the mark too.

I was going to register them all and then auction them off to the highest bidder [cue: evil laughter] but decided to share the problem with you instead as a learning opportunity.

I did register one domain though: Election2018.news – cool huh? It’s a popular search term and trending nicely. I might build out the site or simply sell it to the highest bidder. Not sure yet.

Anyway, do as you wish regarding your own brand, but it really is a good idea to consider if the .NEWS domain is something you might want to register.

By the way … Burlington.news is available for registration … for a little over $500. I figured it might be  cool domain name to snag if you’re the city *hint hint*

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That’s all for now, enjoy your Friday and as always … 


James 🙂

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