6 Reasons Why You Should Create Online Courses

Create online courses

(1) Online courses provide substantial part-time income: I’ve seen courses monetize faster than blogs, YouTube audiences or Etsy shops that you can grow into part-time or full-time income.

(2) Everyone has something to teach: We’re shaped by our life experiences and those insights can be turned into a course, shared and monetized. Read more ›

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Everything that’s wrong with b2b networking …

Person woman girl 366063Hi, it’s James here with something I reckon you might be interested in:

A new way of b2b networking. [Keep reading]

In January 2012 I developed and launched the Social Fusion Network because I saw a problem with the way local businesses and entrepreneurs networked and I wanted to fix it.

Since then I’ve watched many groups come and go and through it all I noticed a series of repeating problems in ALL networking groups. Read more ›

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What Problem Do You Solve?

“What problem do you solve?”

That’s really the question you should answer the next time someone asks you what do you do.

What problem Read more ›

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