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What is a Chatbotist?

You might know what a chatbot is ... but what is a chatbotist?

Simply put, a Chatbotist™ is someone who puts the power of a chatbot to work for their business.

They use the multi-channel messaging of FB Messenger, SMS texts and Email to automate important business functions like lead generation, sales nurturing, and customer support to name a few.

With 100% permission based conversational marketing that is spam compliant, being able to communicate seamlessly across multiple channels means higher engagement, huge time-savings and the increase in subsequent sales revenue.

Chatbot technology is ever changing and evolving, booming smarter and more powerful all the time.

Become a Chatbotist today and put the power of chatbots to work for your business - before your competition does!

Visit www.Chatbotist.com for details.

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