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How To Use Evernote (To Get More Things Done)

First there was Evernote Exposed the #1 Best Selling book (get your copy here.)

Now there is Evernote Exposed … the #1 online video training course!

If you’re using Evernote, or are thinking of using Evernote to help you manage your personal and professional tasks, improve your time management and get more things done … then you need my new online video training course.

Evernote Exposed: Productivity Hacks To Get More Things Done

  • Enrol today and get lifetime access to 33+ lectures
  • Over 2 hours of HD quality video training + other resources
  • A community of over 1,800 students learning together
    (making this course the largest independent Evernote learning community online today.)
  • An iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not entirely happy with the program.

Screen Shot 2014 11 13 at 12 36 36 PM

Enrol today for instant access and audit the training and advice contained within this popular course. Remember, you have nothing to lose as it’s fully guaranteed. I promise you … follow the advice and take the training and within a month you’ll wonder how you ever go by without Evernote Exposed.

“Excellent content and instruction!  (Rated 5 Stars)

This course is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using Evernote for years and knew that there was a better way. I always thought I would find the time and organize and standardized my use of Evernote. James has done the work for me and shared it in a very logically organized easy to implement fashion in this course. If you use Evernote and you don’t feel like you have your process or understanding optimized you may want to give this course a try. It’s a life changer for me.” – Robert U. Smith


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Here’s an early Christmas #gift for those attending last nights #SFNetwork event in #BurlON

Good morning, and thank you to all who attended last night’s SFN Burlington event. Great to see so many happy people.

A special shout out as always to our Ambassadors Joanna Blackmore and Pauline Berry on registration and to Shanta Nathwani (http://shanta.ca) for her gracious gift of the evening’s main door prize (8 hours training on WordPress no less!) Shanta’s gift was won by the lucky Ron Oaks of The Affordable Kitchen.

Speaking of door prizes, I am offering something very special for the next little while. As you may recall, giving a door prize gets you a shout out at the event, a mention in the next day’s post-event email to the entire membership (like this) and now I’m including something else.

One months free exposure as a posted Meetup Sponsor – a value of $99.

Free advertising with dp

We get a few thousand visitors each month to our Burlington Meetup group and inclusion in the sponsor space shows up on EVERY PAGE within our group. And the advert LINKS TO YOUR SITE (or URL of choice.) You’re also mentioned in the reminder emails that Meetup sends out.

Here’s how this works:

After the event we will upload your sponsor badge with your logo, link and description text. It will stay there until the next event – that’s about a months coverage. You still get the post event email mention and the at-event shoutout … but this is extra.

This extra special promotion is only for a short while – it’s part of a test and since next month is Christmas, I reckoned it would be a nice gift from SFN to you for your support.

By the way, if you are interested in exploring creative cost effective ways to promote your business this season, let me know. SFN has some great options that even the smallest business can benefit from. For more details explore the available SFN advertising.

Remember our next event is December 3rd and includes multiple SFN chapters. This means more people to meet, more exposure for your business and more fun. And in the spirit of fun, you are encouraged to wear something festive, an ugly holiday sweater, a loud tie, antlers and so on. For the most committed I encourage you to go “Full Elf” … green tights, curly toed shows, point ears, tunic, hat and more … or not ;-)

Have fun with it, Stay Frosty and I’ll see you soon.

James ‘_’

PS. RSVP for December 3rd

PPS. Get in touch if you want to donate a door prize. The usual DP rules apply and for a while, get the extra special sponsor badge for free as our way of saying thank you this season.

WordPress Tips, Tricks, And Helpful Advice To Get Started

Are you yearning to create a website or blog of your very own? WordPress is the answer you seek. This application takes the the difficulty out of learning how to create a website or blog, and you won’t need to learn coding. Keep reading to find out more.

TIP! Make sure you choose a unique design instead of the same one as everyone else. While copying someone else’s design is quick, it doesn’t make a good impression.

If your blog post includes a long title, adjust your permalink. For instance, an overbearing or difficult URL would be along the lines of “Top Tips For Parents of Unruly Children.” Rather, seek out keywords in the long URL and create a shorter permalink for it.

Make sure you’re taking time to get familiar with the tools and other options you can use when you do some WordPress blogging. Look around and familiarize yourself with all of your formatting options. This can help you control various formatting elements.

TIP! Get familiar with the tools on WordPress to help you blog. Use the Kitchen Sink icon to see all the extra things you can do with your blog.

When using WordPress, you can even add videos to your site. Spending a little extra time preparing your website will save you time in the long run. Many online users are visual. Videos can sometimes convey information more quickly and effectively than the written word.

Be sure to learn all you can before you even install WordPress. The more prepared you are, the simpler the process of setting up your page will be. Find out how to use SEO, how to make interesting content, and how you can use all that WordPress has to offer.

TIP! WordPress allows for simple video blogging. While you may need to prepare a little more, that makes things worth it.

Make a posting schedule for yourself. If you know when you have to post, you’ll be more motivated to get it done. You can site during a day and make posts for the entire week, and then you can schedule WordPress to post them for you.

Do you have lots of comments? If so, going through all your comments might be tough for you and other people who are reading along. You can install a simple plugin that will put page numbers into this section. This makes your website easier to navigate.

TIP! Make sure you learn everything you can prior to installing WordPress. You will be more successful if you make a good plan before you begin.

Write a personalized greeting near the top of your blog. This makes your site more personal when trying to relate to the visitor. A possible plugin to use is WP Greet Box; using this will make the things feel less robotic.

Use targeting titles and descriptions. Your potential readers see these first because of search engine listings. Therefore, they are vital. You can use Scribe SEO software to gain control of these items. This lets you edit pages to gain more readers.

TIP! Create a posting schedule. If you schedule when things must be posted, you’re more likely to actually post them.

Make sure that you have the most recent version of any WordPress plugins you use. Plugins are a smart solution for making your site unique and highly functional. But like anything else related to the computer, updates are necessary. Your plugin might stop working or not work as well as it can if you stop updating it.

WordPress is used by many businesses big and small. The many features and user-friendly tools are great for beginners and powerful enough for pros since it has advanced features built in. WordPress has a lot of potential, so take what you have learned and go forward.

Time Management Tricks For The Busy Person

Do you ever lose control of time? If that is the case, you are among millions of other people who are not able to manage their time. Today, this will change as you read this article and learn about time management.

TIP! A timer is a great way of managing your day. This will show you how efficiently you are working.

Purchase a digital timer. Allot only a specific amount of time per task, and use your timer to keep you focused on how much. If you need to work for one hour, set your timer for the hour so you are not looking at the clock the entire time.

One great way to manage your time is by doing work a day ahead of time. If you can, plan your activities for the following day ahead of time. Making a to do list the day before is a smart way to complete your current day’s work. With the jobs scheduled ahead of time, you will be ready to start working right away.

TIP! Calendars are a great way to manage time. There are many people who like to use a paper calendar to record notes and keep track of dates.

If you wish to organize your time, use a calendar. Many people like to use paper calendars that can be written on. Others like to access their calendars electronically. Whatever your chosen method might be, make sure to add all your to-do items and appointments to your daily calendar so you can stay organized!

Pay close attention to deadlines if you find you are constantly late with projects and appointments. An impending deadline means you have to put other tasks on the back burner. If you know that you have to get something done, you’ll be pushed to do it.

TIP! Pay close attention to deadlines if you find you are constantly late with projects and appointments. If you wait until the last minute to finish a task, other projects will suffer.

Distribute time wisely. Think about how much time each task you have will take and give yourself a completion time. This allows you to manage your day effectively, easing a stressful life. Your reward will be some free time to relax in or get a head start on the next thing.

Go over the day’s schedule when you get up in the morning. By beginning each day with a realistic set of tasks to accomplish, you stand a good chance of succeeding. Look over your schedule carefully to make sure you haven’t overbooked yourself.

TIP! Do your best to use your time wisely. Consider how long each item will take and when you expect it to be done.

Add a little time into your schedule for unexpected interruptions. When you schedule everything back-to-back, you don’t have time for traffic, calls or other items that can throw your time off. You can keep on track when you prepare for certain interruptions.

If you are working on a project, consider closing your office door. An open door invites people in to discuss work related issues and any other problems they might have. There is less chance of interruptions if you close your door. People are aware that you need to find your focus, so you can finish things on time.

TIP! Discriminate between important and unimportant tasks. Often times we waste our day away with unimportant activities.

The tips above gave you a great way to think about time management. Don’t be one of the millions who have no grip on time. With these tips, you can make time management a regular part of your life.

Good Solid Advice About How To Make Money Online That Anyone Can Use

If you have never tried to earn money online before, you are in for the ride of your life. This article was written to help those looking to make money. It’ll get you on your way to making money right away.

TIP! Look out for online scams. While there are many ways to make money, several are not that great.

See to it that you are on the lookout for scams online. There are some opportunities that are not as glamorous. Read reviews of jobs you are willing to do prior to starting it.

If you want to make cash online, you must decide what niche you fit into. Do you think you are a good writer? Become a content writer. Are you good at graphic design? Many people will hire you to work on their sites or documents. Look at what you do best and position it on the web.

TIP! If you want to make cash online, you must decide what niche you fit into. Do you have good writing skills? Become an SEO writer.

Make yourself a daily schedule. Making money continuously online is pegged to your own ability to keep it going consistently. There are no legitimate get-rich-quick opportunities. Hard work each day is required. Make specific times to work every day. It’s also good to put in “overtime” as needed to make extra money, too.

Surveys are a great way to make money online. There are plenty of surveys available on the Internet.. They can really help you earn extra money. They will not get you rich but can help a lot. Yet it is simple to perform these tasks during your free time. Over time, this revenue accrues nicely.

TIP! Try searching online to learn how to make money online. This will give you a wide range of options that you can undertake.

You should be ready to offer proof of your identity when pursuing online work. Just like you need to give this information to workplaces you walk into in person to work at, you’ll need to do the same online. You should have all your ID ready to convey digitally so that the process will be easy.

Money Online

TIP! Find something simple for your relaxing time. You can perform income-generating tasks online without concentrating too hard.

If you aren’t sure where to start or how to approach things, earning money online might not turn out well. Learn more and ask for advice from people who have made money online. This article is also a great start, and the tips given here will be instrumental in starting out on your new financial path.

The Professionals Share Their Lead Generation Secrets

Do you wish to learn about lead generation for your business? If so, you must study the subject of lead generation. This article will tell you how to attract customers through leads.

TIP! Establishing yourself as a trustworthy individual will go a long way to help generating quality leads. Avoid over-hyped ads that may seem cheesy.

As you try to generate additional leads, remember the consumer purchasing cycle as it has a potentially huge effect on your results. Most consumers will research the offer before they agree to it. When your offer is targeted for this cycle, you will impact how easily they decide to buy from you.

When looking for leads, make use of consumer reviews and case studies. If customers feel good about their purchase, they are a lot more likely to buy from you. Use studies that show the positives of your product and get testimonials from current customers.

TIP! You need to understand what lead values are. Some leads simply won’t be what you need for your current campaign.

You must make yourself known as trustworthy so that real leads benefit you. Ads that are too over-the-top or seem fake, will not get consumers to click on them. Make sure the ads have facts in them and how the service can benefit people. Be transparent and honest, and then people will probably be more likely to trust what you say.

Get to know how lead values work. However, there will be some leads that are inappropriate for a particular campaign. Qualify targeted leads so that you don’t pursue bad leads and waste your time. Targeting the correct leads means greater success with each campaign.

TIP! Always make sure that you are given unique leads. It is common to get carried away with collecting leads and not be aware of duplication.

Privacy issues need to be dealt with immediately. Make sure you remember those leads that opt out on receiving offers or incentives. It’s a waste to communicate with those not likely to buy. And you’ve got to be careful about communication with anyone who did not opt in. There are privacy laws around it.

Lead Gathering

TIP! Don’t forget phone sales. Call to see if there is anyone who needs what you have.

Aim your lead gathering efforts towards those most likely to appreciate your business. Gathering these generic leads is good for painting a broader spectrum. Your results will be better if your lead gathering is tailored to gather key pieces of information that informs you your product is needed.

Having a simple conversation with someone standing in line with you can be very effective marketing. It is always great to be friendly, plus they may have need of your product or service. Do not mention a sales pitch too soon, but find out if they would have an interest in what you are selling without being pushy.

TIP! Talking with businesses in the area that are similar to yours can be very helpful. If you are an expert landscaper, discuss your knowledge of seasonal flowers.

Set up a calendar for lead generation. Bombarding potential leads with reading material wills send them running in the other direction. When you base it on a schedule, you will present a more professional approach to it. This keeps you from developing useless pitches towards your leads again and again.

This article has shown you how important generating is. Gaining a loyal customer and avoiding bad ones is what a good lead entails. The tips you read above will help you find success.

Have you ever tried “Speed Not-Working?”


First there was speed-dating for people looking for a love in a flash, then there was speed-networking for business people in a hurry … Personally I think it’s all rather rush-rush, but who am I to argue? So I figured maybe we could take the idea and apply it to not-working …

In Speed-Not-Working ™ *chuckle* you meetup with a person for 2 minutes and tell them all about YOUR HOBBIES and WHAT YOU DO FOR FUN. Basically you explain your not-working activities … at 2 minutes you switch roles and the other person shares the things that they like doing for fun.

Sound interesting? Remember … it’s NOT speed dating (too much performance pressure), it’s NOT speed networking (too business-boring *yawn*)

… it’s Speed-Not-Working ™ – it’s funner.

Based on the format and the basic approach model, I reckon we can handle about 24 to 36 people . Within an hour or two I figure we could “speed-not-work” with about 10 to 12 people! And yes, afterwards you can still just hangout and “not-work” with everyone too.

If you’re interested in this fun idea, RSVP yes. I know we don’t have a location or date as yet, but I’ll work on that based on demand. Feel free to suggest locations and dates in the comments.

Stay frosty!

James :)

PS. You can always un-RSVP later if the date/time/location don’t work for you. But at least this way I’ll figure out if you’re game for something different.

Copyright (c) 2014 James C. Burchill

Internet Promotion Tips And Tricks For You

Many businesses are finding Online marketing to be the preferred marketing method. There are a wide variety of choices available to marketing your business online, ones that can be done easily and with little knowledge. Research the many forms of Website marketing strategies before embarking on your journey.

TIP! A mailing list of your clients is essential. You can create a mailing list by including a contact form on your website or simply requesting their contact information when they purchase something.

You must take advantage of every software and technology advancement in order to be successful in Online marketing. If your customers use more advanced software than you do, they will wonder why you haven’t upgraded. It is important to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge as a way of convincing customers that you operate a quality enterprise.

While a flashy site looks great, try to make sure it is not too distracting. Keep in mind that users generally take five seconds to decide if they are going to stay on a site or not. Use this knowledge to create a site that will tempt them to stay. If it takes a long time, the reader will go on to someone else’s site.

TIP! Avoid making your website too flashy, as this can be distracting for visitors. When someone comes to your website you have about five seconds to capture their attention and make them want to stay.

How do you want to advertise your site? Excellent sources of advertising your site include blog promotion, posting to them, and hanging around all the social networking sites. There are quite a few ways to drive traffic to your website. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to get their interest.

You should keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies and learn from both their successes and failures. When looking at a competitor’s website, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. If you would purchase their products, what about their marketing encourages you to do so? How can you incorporate some of these strategies into your own website?

TIP! Before you even bother with trying to get your site ranked, you first have to build a great website. If you have a website, start out with this step.

To do well at Website marketing, a marketer has to do research and attack the situation with dedication. Pay close attention to what techniques other successful online business owners are using. It’s common for affiliate marketing experts to help up and coming marketers out for free or a small charge. Make sure to stick with a system that you think is good. It may start slowly, but it is definitely worth the time you put into it.

Web Marketing

TIP! Creating a FAQ section on your website will make running it a more satisfactory venture for you. Your customers will be able to find answers quickly to questions.

Web marketing can seem difficult. But don’t get discouraged and quit. Your success in web marketing will be determined in the first steps you take after you decide and reject the idea of giving it up. Make sure you are organized and have everything ready when you are trying to sell your products or services. Often times, you will have to work very hard. But, don’t forget that in the end, it is all worth it.

Although the words ‘internet marketing’ may sound complicated, the strategy itself doesn’t have to be! Incorporate the tips presented in the above article to effectively use internet marketing. More and more people want to be contacted online, so marketing via the Internet is a great way to boost your sales.