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Here’s a free copy of my #GroundHogDay sales letter that crushed it for my clients.

Have you ever wanted to see a sales letter about a Ground hog? I know you want to … *wink* so here’s one I wrote a few years back. This letter ‘crushed it’ for those that used it, and you

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Here’s why I used the F-word during a client meeting (my bad!)

Email rocks. I get so riled up when I hear a graphic artist tell a client “a picture is worth a thousand words!” Really? Way to misquote that old chestnut of an over-used cliché! Sure a picture may be worth

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Movies that haunt my dreams ….

I love watching movies. In my lifetime I’ve watched thousands and I personally own hundreds. I know … “Get a life James!” Well movies are my guilty pleasure and I use them to relax and spark new ideas and thoughts.

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How To Publish A Best Selling Kindle Book (Quickly)

I’ve written and published 3 best-selling Kindle books … here’s how I did it quickly! — 1 Understand the competition 1.1 Choose your topic. Ensure there are at least 3 books with min sales rank of at least 20,000 (or

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My 7 Secrets To Success In Life and Business

The older I get the more I realize success stems from simple things. Here are my 7 “secrets” and while they’re easy to share, they’re often hard to do. But do them you must! — James 1. FIND YOUR FORTE

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Marketing Predictions For 2016 You Can ABSOLUTELY Rely On + Some Other Stuff :)

How to get in touch with us: Colin Campbell > James Burchill >

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Scrivener Simplified: How To Create Your eBook in 60 Minutes (or Less!) Guaranteed

Scrivener Simplified: How To Create Your eBook in 60 Minutes (or Less!) Guaranteed …

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The 5 Stages of Advert Strategy Development (Inspired by Eugene Schwartz)


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How To Launder an Email List (Ethically)


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The “Sale or Bail” Sales Funnel: Automated Lead Generator & Marketing Sales System


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FREE 7 Day Email Marketing eCourse