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Niche Surveyor now an Amazon #1 Best Seller too!

I awoke this morning to some exciting news, my latest book Niche Surveyor had become an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Market Research. 

It’s really exciting to see that little orange flag next to your published book and I’m thrilled it’s achieved this rank. But what is most  gratifying is the knowledge people are buying & reading my book. Thank you – I appreciate it.

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Niche Surveyor: How To Read Your Prospect’s Mind (Without Them Even Knowing!) is a Kindle short read book at about 4300 words and shares the story of how Master Builders of old would determine what their customers wanted through application of a simple technique.

Here’s the official book description from Amazon:

Have you ever wanted to know what your prospects were thinking? Of course you have! The standard approach includes surveys and peer panel reviews … but there is a better way using the Niche Surveyor technique.

A way that gets deep inside the mind of your prospect (without them even knowing) and reveals their truest intentions to you! This “secret” has long been known by societies Master Builders and in this quick read ebook you’ll discover it too.

Within moments of learning this simple technique you’ll understand the power and why it works so effectively. As the cover of the book says: “No More Guess Work!” It’s shockingly simple and yet hardly anyone truly implements this technique.

*BONUS* Includes 2 sections with actual proof analysis (photos) and other valuable resources to further help you implement the power of the Niche Surveyor technique.

Niche Surveyor is available on (with LOOK INSIDE feature) and