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06/26 2015

Technology Is Cool, But Can It Sell?

Why do we bother with all this technology? That’s easy to answer … Because it’s cool! Wrong It’s because we know applying it to our business (when done properly) helps grow our business. Actually it’s all about selling stuff … Because as a wise man once said, “Nothing happens in business until someone sells something…” […]

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06/24 2015

Time for a change of mind?

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line (ignoring the curvature of space *grin*) and logic is a sequential process – a linear progression of ideas built upon the former. You might call it ‘straight line’ thinking. “OK James, but what has that got to do with the price of fish?” Quite a […]

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06/22 2015

Is efficiency just smart laziness?

What is efficiency? According to the thesaurus efficiency is a noun and relates essentially to the concept of organization and competence. In a rather ironic twist of fate, the word effectiveness is used to help define efficiency – go figure! And with respect to “competence” — professionalism is used to help refine it future. This […]

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05/24 2015

12 Hour Work Days … Don’t Work!

It was 1999 and the Y2K “boogeyman” was looming close. We needed to review and repair thousands of code-lines and time was short. My team were ready. Back then I was the Vice President a local IT & Management Consulting group and head of all technical development projects. My team were a great bunch, mostly […]

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05/13 2015

Do you have these unhelpful #Udemy habits?

When you start teaching on Udemy (if you’re anything like I was) you’ll experience a whole range of emotions and develop some REALLY UNHELPFUL HABITS! Time will feel like it’s working against you. You’ll be frustrated you can’t work faster or that the review process isn’t quicker. This will cause a general sense of STRESS […]

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04/25 2015

How To Make Money With #Periscope

Periscope is the new streaming video app from Twitter … it’s so new the digital world is still figuring out how best to use it! But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to MAKE MONEY ONLINEĀ and market yourself for FREEĀ at the same time – it’s brilliantly simple when you know how. If you’d like […]