ATTN: Small Businesses – Here’s What $799 Will Get You in Marketing Services (in 2018)

Wood iphone smartphone 583846Small Businesses are always telling me what they want. They want more leads. They want more sales. They want more business.

They also tell me they can’t afford to spend much on marketing, have very little time and are juggling too many tasks!

So what are they supposed to do?

Good question and today I thought I’d explain what those small business can get for $799 in 2018 …

“68% of your customer leave because they feel unappreciated.”

That’s the takeaway from analyzing customer/client behaviour. We can go around the houses on the finer points but the bottom line is this …

They leave because you don’t pay enough attention to them, and the simplest way (it’s proven to work) to solve this problem is with a MONTHLY eNEWSLETTER.

I know … who the heck has time to think up cool articles, write them, design an appealing layout and generally do all the grunt work required to make a monthly eNewsletter a reality?

The good news is you can get that for $799.

Your eNewsletter will be 1,100 (+/-10%) in total words. Include articles, adverts and other compelling written content. Images will also be provided and included in the publication and finally the eNewsletter will be turned into a PDF for easy access, distribution and reading.

“The Money Is In The Follow-Up”

You know the drill. You meet a lead or prospect and get their contact info. You mean to follow up, you really do … but then you get busy delivering for your paying clients. The lead goes cold. Business opportunity lost šŸ™

The solution? You need some pre-written emails that you can easily whip off to this new lead the moment you get back to the office. Heck, with the right software you can start the sequence before you even leave the parking lot in some cases!

Again … But who has time to think this through? To craft a series of emails that introduce your products or services to a new lead?

For $799 you can get 3 written for you. Each one will be about 250 words (+/- 10%) and follow proven NLP persuasion and communication techniques that help nurture this new lead toward becoming a client.

“I Need a Little On-Site Help!”

If you live in Halton Ontario [Canada] in and around Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton areas, then you can get a HALF DAY ON-SITE session for $799.

It’s perfect for coaching, consulting, training your team, answering questions, general brainstorming and a very cost-effective way of getting unfettered access to a service professional for a fraction of their usual fee.

Use them to review your adverts – print, online etc. Get them to give your email marketing strategy a review and recommend/make changes. Have them teach you how to best use social media, email marketing, productivity software and more.

An on-site expert for $799 is amazing value and possible if you are in or near the Halton Ontario region.

“My Social Media Is Silent!”

If you’re like many small businesses you realize social media is important but again, you don’t have time to write and post new updates daily so your social media remains silent.

For $799 you can get 100 pre-written evergreen social media updates that are perfect for your business.

They’ll help promote your business, educate prospects and because they’re written with SEO in mind, they help you get traffic and exposure too.

This means you can use these updates continuously and when you use automation like MeetEdgar (to recycle those posts) your social media is never silent ever again!

Then you can simply post and update when the muse strikes you, confident in the fact that you don’t need to lose your primary focus knowing that your online social media is under control.

And yes, you can get 100 updates written and uploaded to MeetEdgar for $799.

In Summary

Small Business is the heart of all business and as I mentioned above, you can get a lot of marketing for $799 in 2018.

  • a Monthly Newsletter – with design, articles and artwork
  • 3 Emails – a series of follow-up messages
  • a half-day on-site session (training, coaching or consulting)
  • 100 evergreen social media updates (with automation setup)

If you’d like to take me up on this special $799 offer, or have questions simply get in touch.

Take care.

James Burchill

PS. My usual rate for the above services is $999 so just mention this article for an instant $200 saving.

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