About the tables at the #sfn1010 event and what’s included.

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Power, Position & Promotion


A TABLE – All tables are 6 feet long, 2.5 feet wide.

OPTIONAL SIGNAGE DISPLAY — You may also display a tall pop-up banner next to your table if you have one.

POWER — Included in your booking is a power outlet (suitable for powering computer and/or display)

NEUTRAL DISPLAY SURFACE — Included with your table is a dark (probably black) linen cover great for showing off product and materials.

ACTIVE WEB LINK — Your table registration includes an active web link on the event website (live for at least 1 year) This is great for improving your overall SEO.

DIRECTORY INCLUSION — Your table registration includes inclusion in the event directory which is EMAILED to ALL 3K+ MEMBERS after the event. It will also be published on this website for additional exposure too.

SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUTOUT — Booking a FOYER table also includes a complimentary shout-out on the main SFN social media channels (Over 8K followers)

ABILITY TO SHARE — You can share the cost of your table with ONE OTHER BUSINESS and have both benefit from the exposure. Simply arrange it between yoruselves and notify us for inclusion in the diretcory etc.

3 Locations to Choose

Foyer — The main Foyer is where registration and the 2 street level entrances (along with the coat check) are located. Everyone passes through this area at some point. 

Mezzanine — The raised Mezzanine area overlooks the main foyer. Enhanced visibility from street as well as from inside the venue. There are 2 staircases and an elevator up to this level. People entering the venue from the parking lot enter at this level. 

Studio — Exclusive area adjacent to main foyer. Visibility from main street. 2 entrances into room. 


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