7 Ways To Accidentally Get an Online Brand

Lately, I’ve been promoting using strategic content to develop and actively protect your online brand and reputation. I’ve found people have little or no knowledge of their personal brand and how it is often created for them – whether they like it or not.

I’m advising people to actively create their own Personal Branding & Online Reputation Strategy and then implement it ASAP! The objective is to pre-empt any bad news or negative content. Be proactive, not reactive. Dominate the basic search results in advance so as to assure a suitable reaction from anyone surfing for You.

I point out that “being Googled” is now a part of the hiring/buying process and it often reveals more about you than peeing in a cup or a cursory background security check! Think office party antics, camera/video phones, and ’shared’ email.

The head in the sand tactic is no longer working (did it ever?) Create your online brand before it gets created for you. And if you don’t think it can happen to you, double-dog-dare me to prove it to you…

7 Ways To ‘Accidentally’ Get an Online Brand:

   1. Someone mentions your name in a blog posting

   2. Someone mentions your name on a social networking site

   3. Someone mentions you in a press release

   4. Your kids list their parents on their FaceBook page

   5. Your family shares pictures of you on a shared photo server

   6. Your home videos end up on YouTube

   7. And there are more (disgruntled employees, an “ex” and so on…)

Think it can’t happen to you… THINK AGAIN.

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