6 Reasons Why You Should Create Online Courses

Create online courses

(1) Online courses provide substantial part-time income: I’ve seen courses monetize faster than blogs, YouTube audiences or Etsy shops that you can grow into part-time or full-time income.

(2) Everyone has something to teach: We’re shaped by our life experiences and those insights can be turned into a course, shared and monetized.

(3) You are an expert: I don’t agree someone is too novice to teach. While teaching, you’ll build your expertise and I’ve often found the best teachers are the ones who just learned the subject.

(4) You can help a lot of people at once: Courses let you share your knowledge quickly with a lot of people – that’s the power of leverage.

(5) Online courses are a reusable asset: Once created, you can repurpose, reformat and resell your course as long as you wish.

(6) Online courses have a high ROI: Especially if you already have an online audience or content. Online courses are a quick way to made extra money from existing work. Even if you don’t, the time creating an online course is fixed and small compared to maintaining a blog or vlog.

As Forbes says, “with effort and strategy, online courses can become a revenue engine and powerful lead generator.

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