10 Ways to Segment and Slice Your List

Food blueberries bakery 291528Every seasoned marketer knows that it’s not how many people are on a list, it’s how well people respond. A great way to improve response rates is to segment subscribers so they only receive relevant messages from you.

Segmentation is a great way to deliver exactly what people want, when they want it. Plus, it helps you avoid bombarding subscribers with the wrong messages at wrong times. CRM applications hold a significant value for businesses who need to market to their customers so they can deliver valuable products to customers.

Here are 10 ways you can segment prospects and customers.

1. Prospects, Customers and Partners

Segmenting your contacts into broad categories, such as customers, prospects, partners and users, will help you when you have broad announcements to make.

2. Lead Scored Prospects

With effective lead scoring, you can target prospects by factors that score their “warmth,” to your products and services. At the centre of it, every interaction contributes a little more to a lead’s score until it’s time to close a deal or few.

3. Topics and Interests of Prospects

By narrowing the interest of a prospect down into what they want out of a lead capture, you can tailor specific offers. For instance, SEO review services for someone who wants advice for optimizing their search engine rankings.

4. Customers Product Interests

This is a natural, but it’s so often overlooked. Customers who buy a product are much more likely to buy complimentary products if it provides them value. This is also a great chance to follow up to say ‘Thank You’ and give them advice on using products or services.

5. Customer Lead Score

Are you customers looking to buy again? A great way to provide tailored offers for the returning customer. Maintaining separate lead scores or even one that resets over time is a great way to target value to subscribers.

6. Customer Revenue

Targeting customers who spend a lot is a great way to induce more repeat sales and customer loyalty.

7. Recent Activity

Nothing irritates me more when a company that I did business with ages ago emails me to solicit a sale with virtually no contact beforehand. Being able to place customers and prospects into buckets of recent activity will help you target recent buyers with special offers.

8. Everyone: Email Opt-In Status

We all know that double opt in renders better satisfaction, email delivery and is just better. Providing specific value pending on if someone is single-opt-in or confirmed will greatly assist in satisfaction.

9. Geographics & Demographics

The usual suspects of segmentation””the ‘who’ and ‘where’ we live. This information can be used for tailored offers, events and buzz in a specific state or profession.

10. Survey Data

Consider what matters to you and build a survey that assists you to profile your customers and prospects. Surveys can be assembled in minutes using free online software.

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